To The People of France

Getting off of work this evening I was instantly strucken by the news of what has been transpiring in Paris, France today. As a martial scientist can’t help but feel physically sick from hearing the horrifying events that have been taken place…

Though I am from the United States of America, I strongly feel for what you are going though and wish to show my support. Though half the world away, we all must stand strong and united as humans. We must show these horrific people that what they do will not shake us.

I hope that everyone from our community and their loved ones are safe and give my deepest sympathies to those who have lost someone.

Keep up your strength, stay aware, and keep moving Forward!



I just want to say to any one who is in France at this time that I hope you are well and I am sorry for what has happened to you, Stay strong.

and to whoever did this … may you go to a place that you will never fined happiness.

Sorry for my french before I did not know that that was inappropriate.



To everyone who wishes to express their thoughts, concerns, and sympathies with France and the people affected by this horrendous attack, please feel welcome to do so here in this thread.

Please remember, however, to keep your comments appropriate, even as emotions run high!

Thanks, and to the people of France, my thoughts and prayers are with you tonight.



To the people in France you must stand strong today and remember we as human beings will stand by your side. I am American like many others on this discourse and am truly sorry, from the bottom of my heart, to hear what you guys must suffer through. We as the US suffered through a similar yet different type of case, 9/11, that struck us very near, letting us feel your pain and know your suffering. I hope as a nation you guys get through this and as humanity we can move forward to a brighter future.

My Best Regards to France and to anyone beyond effected by this.


The first what i have done as i see this - i have wrote an pm to Beatrice if she is all right … but no answer till now :cold_sweat:


If I recall correctly she lives in southern France, so she should not have been affected by this, but I would very much like to hear from her as well.


Yes i think she lives in South France but because of the Footballgame (Germany:France) there where lots of peoples in Paris …

Thanks to everyone of you :confused: There is more bad time incoming :frowning:


Tx guys, I’m not in Paris so no worry on my side but this is a real shock. I’ve been following the events all the night and the situation this morning is really bad and terribly sad. At this time we have more than 127 casualties, more than 80 critical wounded more than 200 hundreds light wounded… That’s the worst terrorist attack in France to the date…
National mourning for next 3 days and all thoughts to all the people who have lost family members or friends…

Edit, for info the American artists on stage at the Bataclan are safe.


@Beatrice thank you for giving us all an update and I am glad you are safe! Please keep us updated on the situation!


There isn’t much to say right now. A huge investigation is on tracks and we will probably discover much more in the next weeks.
The opinion slowly realize we are in a “real” war were the bad guys can hit everybody (not just symbols like Charlie) at any time. And also that finally air bombing isn’t that safe…
And it seems our dear politicians will have to work much harder than lately…


Thanks you all for this. I have to say this in my natural language, my english is bad but you can easy use translate log (google etc…)

Merci à vous de votre soutien dans un moment aussi dur. Ces attaques, hélas, risquent de ce reproduire. Vous dites qu’il faut continuer d’avancer,mais pour avoir déjà perdu des amis et membres de ma famille (décès naturel), je n’arrive même pas à imaginer ce que ces familles vont devoir traverser. J’espère simplement que les médias ne vont pas s’acharner à trouver des témoins, des personnes ayant eu des amis décédés dans ces terribles événements. Il ne faut surtout pas que notre pays agisse comme les états unis en votant un patriot act. Hélas dans nos sociétés hyper connectées, on ne s’occupe plus de notre propre environnement et on laisse la sécurité à l’état. On ne pourra jamais mettre plus de police ou d’armée dans les rues. Nous sommes tous responsable de ce qui se passe actuellement. L’embrigadement, le rejet d’un type de personne, d’une religion etc. Avez-vous déjà essayé de vous rappocher de ces personnes n’ayant pas la même couleur de peau, religion etc. De mon expérience, je constate de plus en plus de personne étrangère dans mon quartier, c’est à moi de faire l’effort d’aller vers eux, de les connaître etc. Je sais c’est facile à dire, mais très dur à faire.
Ces actes sont impardonnables. J’espère que nous tous, ces pays actuellement touchés par ce genre de fait, n’allons pas nous renfermer sur nous même, ni considérer nos voisins comme des ennemis potentiels.
Quand je vois nos médias faire des émissions spéciales, des reportages, des interviews et surtout cette récupération politique, j’en suis écoeuré.Ils ont ajoutés une barre noire sur leur logo. D’accord pour montrer sa solidarité mais pas pendant les publicités…
Nous devons rassembler nos pensées vers ces familles perdues et en deuil, les soutenir et les aider à aller vers l’avant et non pas leur montrer ce qu’on subit ou dû subir leur défunt.
Je sais que certains n’aimeront pas ce que j’ai écrit. Je ne leur en tiendrais pas rigueur car c’est bien la première fois que j’écris autant sur ce sujet.

And sorry i dont want say this in english. But if anyone can translate this en good english…


Not a french speaker, but here is Google Translate + fixes:

Thank you for your support in such a hard time. These attacks, unfortunately, may recur. You say that we must continue to move forward, but to have already lost friends and family members (natural death), I can not even imagine what these families are going through. I just hope the media will not strive to find witnesses, people who had friends who died in these terrible events. It is important not to act as the United States did by voting a PATRIOT act. Unfortunately in our hyper-connected communities, we are no longer responsible for our own environment, and safety is left to the state. We will never put more police or army in the streets. We are all responsible for what is happening. The regimentation, the rejection of a type of person, religion etc. Have you ever tried approaching these people do not have the same skin color, religion etc. From my experience, I see more and more foreign person in my neighborhood, it’s up to me to make the effort to go to them, to know etc. I know it’s easy to say but hard to do.

These acts are unforgivable. I hope all of us, these countries currently affected by this kind of acts will not close in on ourselves, nor consider our neighbors as potential enemies. When I see our media make special broadcasts, reports, interviews and above all this political capital, I am sickened. They have added a black bar on their logo. Okay to show solidarity but not during commercials …

We have to gather our thoughts to those lost and grieving families, support them and help them move forward and not show them what is or endured their dead. I know some will not like what I wrote. I do not last their rigor as this is the first time I have written much on the subject.

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To the people of France, Japan, and Mexico.
This has been a truly horrible day in history. How many disasters can happen on one day? The estimated death poll is over 100,000 people around the world. This is awful. How could terrorists get enjoyment out of things like killing innocent people? I’m truly speechless.
Stay strong, people of the world.