Timeline or risk?

I searched but couldn’t find an answer.
Since we have moved past the original delivery date, is there an updated timeline? Is there a risk of running out of funds?

Just curious, I have really enjoyed seeing the development and the product to date, keep up the great work!

I don’t think there’s a new timeline, but I’ve been figuring on a beta in the spring of 2015 personally (eg April).

No idea about the funding stuff though.

This might help answer your question a bit: I feel deceived... : stonehearth

As far as I know they are behind in the timeline but are supposed to be all right funds-wise, and are making a lot of good steady progress!

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the public client has been released, so at this point… its just continual client development and advances with the existing systems, until the teams feels they have the feature rich game they set out to build at the onset of the campaign… :+1:

as for funding, no cause for concern… @Ponder’s alpaca farm has really started to take off and crank out a respectable profit… :smile:


It has been my dream to work on an alpaca farm!!!

Great news, thanks for the info.