Thoughts On Upgrading Computer

Looking to do a mobo and cpu upgrade, and do to money restraints, looking to stay in the AM3+ family.

As it stands right now, there’s only a $10 difference between the FX8350 and the FX9590. As a combo, the 9590 with a motherboard is only $235, the price I want to stay around. Now I’ve been looking for any major differences, and all the reviews are from 2014 saying that the 9590 is overpriced, which now isn’t really the case. So are there any other things I should know before getting it, or should I go with the 8350 and why?

FX is not a great architecture to invest in in the first place as far as I understand it. but I mean if you are running AM2, AM2+ or AM3 at a lower base core clock then it will be a boost, but the single core performance in most games will not be as good as an intel. however it will do really well in multitasking

it would help to do some reading

the thing is if intel is 15% more efficient per core…then at 4Ghz on an Intel you would need a 4.6Ghz AMD just to get similar performance in gaming

btw, I happen to have the Phenom II x6 T1100 and my rig is several years old and it would out perform the 8350 so if it were me at least with the 9590 the speed boost would be nice
apparently, I could be wrong tho

also that mobo is a bit more expensive unless you specifically want the newer chipset and the M.2 with slightly faster RAM. if you really wanted to save a lot of money, dont take the combo deal because thats like 20% of your budget

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Currently, I have an AMD Phenom II x4, with a motherboard that’s questionably going out.

So far I’ve gathered from multiple other sources, that the reason Intel runs better than the FX series is how the architecture is read. Something about CMT (Cluster-Based Multithreading) vs SMT (Simultaneous Multithreading). That being said, I’ve also been told to hold out and just upgrade to a Ryzen 5. Apparently, the Ryzen series chipsets have a damn near identical architecture as Intel, and because of that, are outperforming them for the price.

Personally, I’m not looking to drop twice the money, but if there’s really that much of a perfomance difference in how it runs, it may be worth it, especially since you say Intel runs 15% better.

compared to old AM3 yeah in some cases more than 15% difference in core performance with the same clock speeds because of the architecture alone. the newer one is much more competitive because it not only has a better architecture but is a smaller nano-meter manufacturing process so the temps and capacity are improved as well
basically it depends on how much money you want to throw at it and how long of a solution you are looking for
if you get the old AM3+ then expect to upgrade again in the next few years, where as ryzen could be a solution for the next 5+ years and still be competitive

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