Things to fix in the Release Candidate

As the game gets close to release, these issues need to be looked at. Most of these are directed at the NA, with some minor aesthetic polish improvements that could potentially apply to other factions as well.

  1. NA Weaver still has Ascendancy green winter outfit recipe instead of Nordic blue.
  2. NA Hearth of Glory uses Ascendancy model, NA Magma Hearth spawnable through debug tools has no functionality.
  3. NA Rabbit Hair Shield unlocked at start without T3
  4. Pike (and Spear Horn) animations are still the same as 2h-sword (weird swinging a stabby weapon)
  5. Knight Shield does not match armor’s color scheme
  6. Unblessed monuments do not have water effects (this ruins the point of even building the extras; they don’t have to glow, but they should at least still be animated)

I know the dev’s are strapped for time, but these fixes will go a long way for the overall polish of the game.

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