They prefer to take a far away material

My hearthling instead take the material in his side, he prefer to take a material that is far away.
And the problem isn’t with the save, because this problem happens in all games. Some times they take the material in his side, but some times don’t.
There is no bug report, I believe it is just a preference (a wrong one xD)
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Order him to make a ingot. Have crates in his side.
  2. He travel to take materials that is on the ground, instead take the material in his side.
  3. He make the ingot

Expected Results:
To make the ingot, he take the materials that is in his side.

Actual Results:
He travel the map to take the material.


In red is where is the materials and in blue is where they prefer to go to take the materials… This pisses me of a little.

Version Number and Mods in use:

System Information: