These are the ladders in which FPS drops mount

I know that everyone knows that there are problems with building and ladders and scaffolding… and these kinds of things are some of my most prominent encounters with said problems -

Yes, under all those ladders is a stone tower. Making crenellations has always been an issue (I think) and I would like to know how to avoid this, for now. These towers have been built in steps - I made the main base, then the overhang with crenellations, and it ends with this, leaving me to usually destroy all the ladders they don’t tear down (which is most of them) using the console. When I try it any other way, it either bugs out and shoots out errors or they don’t build it.

If anyone knows of any way to make structures like this without error, I would love if you could share your ways! I hate dumping all that wood from the ladders and it’d be nice to know of a smoother way to build this stuff.

So I know this is probably not the answer you are looking for, but your best bet for making crenelations might be patience. Back in @sdee’s Desktop Tuesday on December 8 she mentioned that one of the things to come from the Rayya’s Children’s flat roofs was the ability for them to start working on Crenelated roofs. You can see a preview in the video over on the website,

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In fact, I was looking at that DT before I posted. I thought that those roofs were in the game, because I remembered seeing them in the video. I went back to look and found my answer.

Indeed, my best bet is patience for now. Although I can’t see myself using them until there are ways to get on top, unless that’s how they’re going to come out. For now, I can live with doing it manually.


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