Therapist setting not saved on game load

maybe it is considered to be a bug. When i reload a game then what i’ve ordered/checked my hearthlings to do will do be remembered. Mining, building etc.

Do you mean they don’t or they do remember? (I think you write something wrong) Cause I would expect them to remember, and so would not call it a bug.

When i play i will prioritize certain skills for my workers. I i’ve noticed that when i reload the game they are back to prioritizing all again

From what I can tell , the game is doing the right thing, saving your actions and resuming then when you restart… What should happened?

What sould have happend was, that i have said to paul “dont mine” and after i load the game he would still not mine :slightly_smiling:

Got it, it is just that it seems you were saying the opposite, that you asked them something, and they obeyed.

I’m going to test right now, I’m going to cancel all mining, save, and reload to see if they will keep mining or not.

cool, it maybe just me but i’ve tried it a couple of times :slightly_smiling:

Confirmed. I unchecked the mining from my blacksmith, saved, and when I reloaded the game, it was checked again. @moderators Not sure what to do, move it to bugs?

Thanks @Rottedane for the bug report.


Happy to help you guys!

As far as I know, it does not actually save temporary preferences on your save files for hearthling actions. This is simply how the class works client-side. It may be something addressed in a future update, but until the preferences on storage start reseting, I wouldn’t call this a bug, so much as an unfortunate state of hearthling settings.
But that’s me personally.

@RedHex, because its not the intended behavior, we consider this a bug. :slightly_smiling:


Definitely a bug! Or something we forgot to implement! Adding @yang. :wink: