The Witherwood tales: Part 1

Walford woke with a shock. He found himself, not in the cozy bed of his mason house, but the cold dead floor of a strange forest. He was so unnerved by the whole ordeal he nearly missed the crunch of the dead grass emanating from behind him. “Wh-Who are you?” he said nervously. “Don’t worry yourself none” the looming figure said. “Name’s Jordy, and I be the footman a these parts”. Walford picked himself up from the ground, removed stray grass strands, and started off with Jordy. “Is this place dangerous?” Walford asked to quell the awkward silence that was beginning to grow. “Not technically no” replied Jordy “Only danger ‘ere is a goin’ mad”. “Huh”, said Walford, confused. “Then why are you here?” “To find more lost souls to rescue from whatever is out there” replied Jordy “Camp be a ways away, so we might as well get moving”