The Very Sad Stone Golem

Faced with an onslaught of determined hearthling settlers, the lonely Stone Golem decided to rethink his goals.


Nice Screenshot Brad xD

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+1 internets for that epic picture

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49 hearthlings, now I’m jealous.


He is cheating :smile:
And that is why the golem fled … 49 Hearthlings I am a Stone not Dumb :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not only Stone Golems can be sad :frowning:
It was very, very hard time for that guy. Somebody wanted to steal his masters treasure.


Actually, now I’m at 50…

Not cheating, really – every hearthling in my current game has been obtained “naturally” (that is, through growing my settlement, acquiring food, and increasing net worth). I share progress with the team – this particular save/settlement is usually played on the latest in-house development build so that I can help the dev team by spotting bug and issues. Since performance is the focus for Alpha 15, having a save like this can be very valuable.

The settlement is sufficiently spread out now (almost 80% of the map) that enemies are forced to the farthest reaches of the map when they spawn… hence the arrival of the lonely Stone Golem on the edge of the world.


So, in that version, unavilable to players for now, monsters spawn in distance from buildings? Because, as far as I have noticed, enemies were spawning in distance, but from first flag placed in starting point of settlement. That reasulted in hilarious situations like crypt spawning next to my farms. Not always, but sometimes. And walls were not helping. Or am I mistaken?


@WilteDragon – yes! One of the fixes in the next release (unstable Alpha 15, coming soonish) is spawn locations for enemies, as well as more sensible spawn locations for new hearthlings.


are you planning on bumping up the max Hearthling to 50 or 60 in this next build?

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@Fralee we hadn’t considered that… but it’s a thought.


I think at a minimum, 30 is necessary just for what we can do/need to do in Alpha 14. I think long-term, 50 hearthlings is a good number to aim for. But then I don’t know what it’ll take to take down Titans.

Hmmmm, it depends. 30 is OK for now. Like:
1 Carpenter
1 Blacksmith
1 Weaver
1 Herbalist
1 Mason
1 Potter
1 Shepherd
2 Trappers
2 Cooks
6 Farmers
6 Footmans
6 Workers
It was my configuration in A14 big save, before I allowed more than 30 Hearthlings, just for test.
But as game will expand, and expand. What when cities will be able to take 50% of map? I think such a big city will need many, many citizens. Just one Hearthling in class won’t do it. And… a question comes to my mind. How many citizens in endgame city there should by? How Developers see that? Because they know what game is or will be capable of. So I’m curious, how many Hearthlings would devs like to see on one screen :slightly_smiling:


Personally I think two blacksmiths is essential, and I’d like to have two weavers if the cap was raised.

Poor (sort of) little guy! I would just like to hug him! xD Would anyone else like to hug him, or is it just me :wink:

A lone watcher…
From the front it looks like an Attack on Titan scene… :sweat_smile: