The Town of Donnermoor

The Radiant Team made a really good job with the last Alpha! I love it :heart:

I wanna share some Screenshots of my upcoming City. Still in progress but a part of the structures are already here. I tried to play a game without MODS or cheats (only the set_time for night-times on my old PC xD).

I’m proudly present the Town of Donnermoor

Seems not so spetacular but i tried in this town to make a better Crafting-Progress.

In the western side of the city is the Warehouse for Materials like Wood, Stone, Iron… Surrounded by the Workshops that need this Ressources.

In the east side i located a small Warehouse (bigger in Progress) for plants, food ecc. Also surrounded by the Workshops that need this resources.

I tried also to bring the city to life with shops in the ground floors of each building.

Each Craftman has his own Shop and his crafted Items outside the Building

The city center with decorative Items and a good View to some Shops of the city.

The port of Donnermoor (WIP) with his decorative Buildings and the Lighttower.

The city centre. You can see also the some Workshops and the Tavern.

I will try to update the post when i change the city to show you the progress.


located on the East Gate (in progress) of the city. Offers a variety of crafted Items and have an easy access to needed resources.

You can see the crafted Items on the stands that surround the Workshop.

P.s. in future i have to change the position of the containers on the entrance of the weaver. Farmers produces to many resources ^^


Wow, that was such a nice idea, to highlight the builds that are being talked about!


It looks like a town a group of Hearthlings would build and be happy in. It really ‘breathes’ with life if you get my drift. Kudos!

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This town is so packed with character and brilliant little touches, I love it! Your warehouses really look the part, and that dock evokes a sense of… it’s hard to describe, but I guess excitement? There’s a tinge of mystery – what’s hidden under those roof sections? – but also a sense of a well-established home base, the perfect place to rest up between adventures.

Overall, you’ve done an amazing job of balancing between function and form here. Donnermore looks like somewhere I’d love to live – easy to get around, pleasantly open, logically laid out, and tastefully decorated without too much clutter.

I can’t wait to see what you do with that walled-in area atop the cliff, and out beside the docks!

And, as others have mentioned, the idea to use washed-out images to highlight your focussed building is inspired – team Radiant could probably learn a thing or two from that when they get to making tutorials…


Update of the city. The city walls are now completed. also the home for the Engineers and an additive small home for a Farmer nearby the Fields. I also added a Watergate, a big Foodsilo (House integrated in the Easter Wall nearby the fields) and another small Ressources-Silo with a little Tower on the other side of the city