The story of Caleb Founder

Caleb was an ordinary hearthling. Then the fire nation attacked he was promoted to Footman.
The best analogy I can give for what happened next is that he must have forgotten how to hearthling. Here he is now:

Sometimes he forgets that he isnt a farmer and tries to pick invisible plants:

He likes to pretend to carry things:

Sometimes he just doesn’t even know how to be one single being:

I mean, really?

Caleb pls

Caleb in combat:

Caleb slaying an evil goblin (without ever actually touching his sword!):

Goodnight, Caleb:

Caleb is one with his spirit (which is almost humanoid):

I can’t even make up a background for this image, as it is literally 4 iterations of caleb existing in the same space/time. THIS IS WHY WE HAVE PARADOXES, CALEB:

Later that day, Caleb died. Then my game crashed along with my save. RIP Caleb. You will never be forgotten.

tl;dr Caleb was a special kind of special


What a touching story. clap clap clap clap


You shouldn’t judge poor Caleb, he was just trying to fit in! Poor soul :wink: