The Roman Mod [work in progress] last Update 20.06.2018


Hey folks;
Here some Alpha 1 Tests. (only how it looks ingame nothing final)


nice romans there :blush:


Really looking nice in game! I’m absolutely love that roman banner upgrade :smile:


The people are workers right? Why do they not wear togas?


No this is only an ingame look test. I know they are workes but I want to see how my other outfits look ingame. Im testing all my stuff, the flag for example will not be the beginning flag but I’m just testing here. :wink:


Wow, nice to see some early modding.
P.S.: Is it just me or the first character on the left of the last picture shows some strange triangle/shadows on his face and hand?


I think it is Alpha related but you are right it looks strange ^^


I think we had this graphic issue with the GT, but I don’t think anyone has posted that bug for the Alpha… So we don’t know if it has been solved or it’s a compatibility problem…


The problem is only on the head and the head is the original one so the only thing I’ve done was to change the worker_outfit.qb in the Starbound.smod. So I think it’s a bug but we will see after some patches I will upload some more pictures in the future.


Small Update:

Here are some screenshots from the new starting flag and some building tests:

I don’t know if anyone has already posted on the forum but the Stonehearth Version for Qubicle Constructor is out for $11. :wink:


I am absolutely in love with that banner! It reads very well! :thumbsup:


Sweet Eagle! :slight_smile: Also agreed the banner looks awesome.


I join the banner looks great party. :smile:


Great Job @Moe2212! :blush:


oooooh, nice work! Caesar would be most pleased! :smile:

p.s. Roman historians, no need to correct me if that banner isn’t relevant to Caesar… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thanks to the “banner looks great” party. :smile:

I’m glad that you like the eagle @sdee it was realy hard for me to make them to look like an eagle. It is really hard to create an animal with so less voxel to look great at the end.
I think Tom has this problem sometimes too. (specifically small animals) ^^

I don’t know if I will change the banner a little bit because I think there is something missing on it I don’t really know yet (it looks so vacuous around the laurel wreath) :blush:

My semester exams are coming closer and closer so I need more time for this but after 11.2 I have enough time to work on it.


This mod seems great so far! All of those models look perfect!


Been a long time since I could post, but I’m very pleased to see this progressing. Can’t wait to see more!



I really love this mod and would definitely like to see more!

Do you plan on implementing it into Alpha 3?


Looks great man :slight_smile:
I am making a Rome like mod too but with building being re textured