The Roman Mod [work in progress] last Update 20.06.2018


sorry then I misunderstood you :blush:


its ok, @Newf fails at humor all the time… :stuck_out_tongue:

as for you @Moe2212, what’s next on your Roman agenda? :smiley:


This mod looks so cool been watching this thread for a while keep up the good work


Hey folks,
today I have nothing to share with you :frowning: because my study needs a lot of my time at the moment.
But there are some thinks I want to tell you today.

  1. in december I will get my new PC :wink: . Then I will download the Home Version from Qubicle Constructor so I can export my models into .obj-files.
  2. I’m working on getting the free students version of 3DS Max or I will use @voxel_pirate’s Blender add-on so I can finally start animating my models.

So thats all for today :(. I hope I can show you some new ideas soon until then have a nice day :sunny:



Good luck with the new PC and 3DS Max! It’s not all that tricky, but If you get stuck then feel free to drop me a message. I’m by no means an expert, but I have spent the last 7 months toying with the student version of Max and may be able to spare you your hairline…


Hey folks,
I wished I could show you some new things but my Laptop is broken and I can’t do anything now besides reading your comments :frowning:
But my new PC is ordered and if all goes well I will have it bevor Christmas.
So don’t worry I’m still working on the project!



Hey just got to reading this and Merry Christmas my friend, God Bless Ya, and can not be any less excited for your new Work! :smile:


Merry Christmas everyone. :smiley:
My PC arrived last Saturday and I thing after Christmas I will start working on my Mod again. :wink:
So have nice days and we see us after SH release again.


sorry to pry, but would you mind sharing your system specs (did you perhaps post this in the share your desktop thread?)… i’m still struggling with finding the perfect machine… :smile:


I can’t believe no one has asked this will there be war elephants? And if there are can you make a war mammoth?


@KingMooCow you have such great ideas a real innovator keep it up !


Hey folks,
as I’m sill waiting for the Alpha 1 I tested to import the female worker version of my mod into SH GT2 and it is working :blush:
I know there some skin color differences this is something I have to fix after Alpha 1 but I think all of you have been waiting so long for new pictures so here it is ^^:

@KingMooCow We will see but the idea to have a war mammoth sounds great :wink:


Awesome! Would like if I could! Very nice to see the first images of an actual mod making it into a build other than @voxel_pirate’s. :slight_smile:


A War Mammoth is not Roman however, The Romans fought people riding elephants but did not use them…


I know ^^ but maybe I will make a retextur for the mammoth or something like this. But you are totaly right it is not Roman styl :smile:


xD I experienced those same skin problems when I tried to import my model. It has to do with the factions, I’m almost sure. The hands are generated aside from the costume, so they have to be related with the head color too. We’ll sort this out in the future.


I know but you can only import 1 worker outfit and not 1 for each skin. If I load the GT with the seed 1234 I get the white skin color. We will see how this will work out after Alpha 1.


This mod looks really asesome! Nice work!


Now a Screenshot without color problems:


This mod looks amazing, to be honest. The designs fit perfectly within the game, yet whilst retaining a completely Roman theme.

Definitely gonna try this when it’s ready.

One Small Step... [SH Alpha 1.0]