The Roman Mod [work in progress] last Update 20.06.2018

                         !!! "Need your opinion" Updade !!!

Hey folks,
today is the day where I need your help/opinion to proceed.
It is now 2 weeks ago (sorry for that but my study takes my time) when I announced that I need your help at some points.
First of all thanks to @Wilderkitty who have posted my grapes to the question post for the live stream yesterday. :smiley:
But now lets start with my question. You have 1 choice per question.

  1. Question:
    I think all of you know that the Roman army only had male legionaries. BUT in Stonehearth male and female characters can become each job class. The Problem isn’t that I want to be historical correct the real bigger Problem is that if I would only allow to have male legionaries the male population will be so low after a certain time that all other jobs would be female dominated. So the question is now:
    Do you want female legionaries, too?
    a) Yes
    b) No

  2. Question:
    I told you that I have a small problem with the carpenter. It is not a complicated problem but I thought why I don’t aske you. All of you have so good ideas at the live streams so why not here, too. :wink:
    The problem is that the carpenter looks to similar to the blacksmith (color). So here ist the next question:
    Which variant do you like more the yellowor or the green one?
    a) Yellow
    b) Green
    c) Neither of them (if you choose this please tell me your favorite color for the carpenter.)

  3. Question
    Please tell me your favorite female winegrower version from the last update! I have only 2 votes so far. So here again:
    Which version?
    a) Toga
    b) No Toga

Please vote for all of these questions so I know what you like and what you don’t like.
For example: 1.: a) / 2.: c) (purple) / 3.: b)

In the end I have to say something about your columns idea for roman buildings. Of course! There will be columns for you to build some awesome palaces. :blush:


1a 2a 3a

All the As! :a:

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i concur with @Smokestacks… all three get an :a: from me… :+1:


1- A, Female legionaries, while not historically accurate would be cool. (Maybe you could add the amazons too? (If you don’t know what they are, they are basically a tribe of female warriors))

2- B, The green color is more rustic and carpenter-ish.

3-I think A (If that refers to the first one on the left of the picture)

Also, one comment, I didn’t recognize the female winegrower for a female, I think they are missing a few female characteristics.


Amazons will not be part of my Roman mod, sorry :frowning: because this mod is only about Roman. But it could be possible that I will make some other enemies for the Roman e.g. the amazons, the Celts, the Germanic tribes but this will be only some A.I. events or something like this.
I think you mean 3 - B, the character in the middle is the Toga girl (A). About your opinion that the female missing some female characteristics. They will have the same proportions like the vanilla character. So this means they are thinner, smaller and have a little bit pinkish jaws. I don’t know what you expect to give them more female characteristics.
You can scrolle a little bit up to my last Update there you can see more female jobe versions maybe you can see there the famale character better. :wink:

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Yes, I see now. And the enemies of Rome would be awesome :slight_smile:

Triple A’s from me as well!

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1 :a:
2 :a:
3 :a:
All A’s

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  1. A
    Female legionaries would be Awesome!


Your winegrowers look great but I think the one on the left with the tunic looks the best for manual labor

hmmm all As too I guess :smile:

You’re very welcome Moe, i figured it was a great starting point for making a convincing berry bush, rather than the cartoony nintendo style Tom ended up choosing in the livestream.
Essentially resulting in berries the size of baseballs, rather than the size of cherries.
As for the choices laid out, it’s going to be 3 A’s for me too.

FANTASTIC WORK!! Im completely enthralled with your work, and I’m looking forward to this mod more than is probably humanly healthy. As someone who is utterly fascinated with Roman history, I would we glad to as we’d any questions you have about it to help with the astounding mod.

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:b: (like the green touch more)

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I would like to vote A B A as well

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Hey folks,
here the vote results:

1: 9/A 0/B
2: 6/A 3/B 0/C
3: 8/A 1/B

So I will start now working on the female versions for the soldiers and there will be a yellow carpenter and a toga version of the winegrower!

And here a new little update of the grapes:

Thanks for voting!



Ok folks,
today I want to show you the first version of the first soldier type: the Velites. If you recruit a soldier he will be at first a velites unit. When he levels up you can choose if he is going to be an archer or an “normal” line infantry soldier!

[klick for 3D view]
Tell me if you like it. There will be change something over time but this is the basic version!



I like it, he needs two pilum though (spears)

im sorry, he’s sporting a wolf helm, correct? then yes… i like it very much… :smile:


If you cant get wolf helms for your guys in default Stonehearth then this game will be a waste of time

Why do you think my mod will be a waste of time? This is a roman velites unit they had wolf hats. This hats helped generals to see where their light infantry slodiers were so they could hold them out from man to man battles. They had no armor because they just learned how to fight. Sorry if you think this is a waste of time but this is how velites look like. :wink:

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I meant that If I need this mod to have wolf hats then STONEHEARTH woud be a waste of a time, Your mods amazing

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