The Roman Mod [work in progress] last Update 20.06.2018

hmm what about a baths if they add baths in the game . then you could make it a roman design . i would download this mod .

You must remember to add wine as an item that can be made! Romans were big on wine!


And stealing ideas from other cultures! (Etruscans, Greeks, Persians, etc.) :smiley:


Of course there will be wine :wink:

Hey guys tomorrow I will go on vacation and be back at the end of the month. So there will be no updates or new pictures.

I’M BACK finally.
So first im playing a little bit Rome 2 Total War for some designe ideas for my Mod and then I will post new picturs, OK.
See you guys soon.


well, that seems fairly fitting in this case… your excuse is accepted… :smile:

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I await the return of your awesomeness! :smiley:

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Hey Guys,
today I will show you my first character for the winegrower. He will make the most important drink of the Roman: WINE.
Additional to the winegrower I will show you some items he will use/need.

This will be the last update before my study begins next monday.
I hope you enjoyed this little Update. In the next Update I will ask you about some ideas / problems I have about the mod and maybe you can help me to find a solution which pleases all of us.


i did indeed… voxel togas? how can you go wrong with that? :smile:

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                                    Random Update

Hey folks,
tomorrow my study beginns at the “University of Applied Sciences” (not today as I mentioned it in the last Update). So I took the time to create the female versions for the current occupations. I know the carpenter is missing because there is something where I need your help so this is one topic for the next update where I need your help by some ideas / problems.
For now here are the female versions and the male versions BUT you guys have to tell me which female version of the winegrower you like more. The left or the right? Please tell me in the comments your favorite. :wink:

If you need a turntable picture from the different winegrower versions for your decision tell me and I will post them.
Oh before I forget it here is a wine press for the winegrower (the first version like in the vanilla game).

Dont forget to vote for your favorite. :blush:



Oooh that’s tricky. The difference is just simply toga or dress, right? I’m not missing anything else that might alter my judgement?

I’d say, a toga’s a little odd for a woman. It feels like it would be impractical and fall down, or maybe reveal…well a bit too much…

However, I do think it looks better and more kind of class-specific, and matching with the male version to have the toga version. Honestly my vote is toga girl. :smile:

Im only hearing good things…


Question @Moe2212 have you thought of adding the Germanic tribes from Germania? So as a possible and really happened event that the Germans come and I don’t know, possibly take Rome as a event? :smile:

It has already asked if I adding some other nations but I have to say no. At first I will have the Romans done before I think about some other nations or enemies.
About the “take Rome” event I think this will be realy hard because I have to create Rome as a fix city and place them in the World and this will be a lot of work to build Rome. But I’m thinking about to bring some roman buildings into the game. :wink:


oooooh… any early mockups you can share? :smiley:

Super interested to see columned buildings in the same dimensions as current houses. Voxelly columns could prove an interesting challenge. :smile:


The columns could be square, and the way to make them into that classical style would be the details put into the base and capital.


Yes but the question now is to have the smaller details added into physical cubes or use only paint?

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Yes, the details would be done with smaller cubes, while things like the flutes on the shaft would be better to be painted on probably.