The Roman Mod [work in progress] last Update 20.06.2018


Maybe because 99% of the mod is still Rayyas Children, it refers to the default stonehearth farmer_outfit in the Item Stamper?
So it dosn’t create one automatically, is that what you mean?


The item stamper points to whatever is in the manifest. If it is there and working, you can stamp it.
What I’m saying about automatically outfit creation is that when you promote someone to a job, they already start with the outfit in their job description, you don’t need to craft/stamp one to give it to them.


Oh I think we talked past each other a little bit ^^
I knew that I don’t need to stamp it to create a farmer.

I just wanted it to be possible to stamp, so I can look at the outfits ingame even if I haven’t connected it to a job yet.
Just for “debugging” stuff.


Update: UI, Weaver and Mason

The Weaver and Mason are reworked and implemented :grinning:


I also updated the UI a little bit to enhance the ancient fealing :wink:


Nice details on mason outfit!


Ok I have to say I love the new Builder!!!

Just a fast draft of some kind of temple :jubilant:

Very Easy now to build things.


I love the colors used on the mason and weaver outfits :heart:~
So gentle on the eyes, and sort of fluffy at the same time.


ill let you know when i have the bathing/hygene part of my modding down then shal i :stuck_out_tongue: ? that thing could double as a nice bath house of sorts


:heart_eyes: those outfits

hmmm regarding the temple, how about this one? :yum: :wink:


I think some statues could fit on those spaces beside the stairs :slightly_smiling_face:.


Update: Carpenter and Blacksmith

So today the Carpenter and Blacksmith found their way into the game :wink:

This means half of the non-combat jobs are done.

As I said earlier if all jobs are reworked I will release the first version of the mod, after that I plan to create new items for the jobs to produce so you can build roman style furniture etc.

See you in the next update!


Update: Herbalist and Cook

Herbalist and Cook are done :+1:


I also worked on the Mod-Logo for the Steam Workshop a bit, nothing special:

So finally I have a name for the mod (maybe I will use the english title “Rome will rise.” but i guess the latin name fits more)

See you next time!


So “Romae autem oriri” has its own kingdom selection pictures now and is no rayyas children clone anymore :jubilant:


For those who wonder why nothing is posted lately:

I’m not at home at the moment so I can not work on the Mod right now :frowning:

Mid to late july I will be back for more updates :wink:

Have a nice day!


Here’s hoping everything is going well and safe travels!


@Moe2212 hey moe, are you still working on this mod?


You’re doing it wrong, Wouter

You’re doing it wrong!
It’s a Roman Mod

flowery voice Oh hi hello, are you still working on this mod?




Sorry I think I got a bit excited.


I thought it might be polite to ask before I invade people’s turf and see if they gave up so they might share their assets for the glory of rome :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean with at least three or so starting and none fi ishing, I might just have to claim scraps and do it myself :stuck_out_tongue: and I k ow I can do roman stuff (cough I already have olive tree and grape vine assets I can prettymuch immediately deploy)