The Roman Mod [work in progress] last Update 20.06.2018


Would be cool to see this on PraiseDB :slight_smile:


Dude you should have it where you can organize them into groups, kinda like this


Wasn’t the praetorian armor purple and gold?


You should make it so you are attacked by barbarians and all that.


maybe a stupid question but is this mod still worked on and secondly where can i get a test build. I love the design of this mod


I WANT!! make this real!


Too bad the author is about to complete 1 year of inactivity.
This is super easy to code, but super hard to actually make and complete the mod, cause it consists mainly of reskins. This would take a very long time to finish even if he was active.


Saying if people get into modding, what is the “easy” way you speak off so they don’t fall down the same rabbit hole. I’d say reskinning translates to renaming directories in code and placing files in the right folders. Am I wrong ?


That’s it. If you are just changing the appearance of the villagers and their items, it is easy in code (copy and paste mostly, with changes in names), but requires a lot of art model works.
That’s why this kinda of project takes a lot of time.


I feel like there’s gone to waste a huge amount of potential here. Sad to see and thanks for the clarification. Gonna assume the modelling is really hard.


For me it is. Maybe for a good artist with good practice it is not. But I would assume it would still be time consuming. There are a lot of details to work around, like having the correct names in each piece or the right sizes and positions.


Altho this is very true I think we could pick up this beautiful project with a few people. It’s a shame he let this go to waste. Most people won’t make a “double” mod which these kind of old “lay-arounds” tend to create confusion about.


The thing with this mod is that it actually isn’t a mod yet. (From what I get reading the first topics)
He made the models just for fun and then later decided it could be a good mod, but never reached the point of a download link.

So I guess there is no problem with some other modder to pick up the idea.


:spider_web: ‘cough’ :spider: ‘cough’ removes cobwebs and dust :wind_face: ‘cough’ ‘cough’

So lets see:

  • Study finished :white_check_mark:
  • SH Engine is done :white_check_mark:
  • Modding Guide is here (parts of it) :white_check_mark:
  • Sparetime to work on something :white_check_mark:

Well hello everyone!
First of all, I’m sorry you haven’t heard from me for a long time. :sweat:

Sadly I had no time working on the mod for so long and then after
changing PC and so on, big parts of my work got lost :weary:

BUT… at least I found the original files from 2013 :sweat_smile:
So I will now recreate my models (thanks to my .gif files here) and
start making this mod FINALLY turn into a reality.

Here a little tease from my new workers in game:

I will upload the mod if most of the rework is done so it is worth playing :wink:
(For now it is just Rayyas Children with just different workers and Banner :stuck_out_tongue:)

I wish everyone a good day and I hope I see you on the next Update.



So, today I implemented the farmer, took me longer than expected :sweat_smile:

Oh, does somebody know why the Item Stamper dosn’t list me the farmer outfit?
I mean as you can see the farmer wearing the right outfit, so shouldn’t the Item Stamper finde it?


The item stamper only has the items listed in the manifest. The job outfits usually are hardcoded in the job description, it is a direct file path to it.


And where in the manifest?
For now there is an entry under “aliases”:

"aliases": {..."jobs:farmer": "file(jobs/farmer/rwr_farmer_description.json)...}"


That is the path to the job description file, the outfit lives there in that file. It does not need a alias in the manifest, but you can create one if needed. The game will red the job description when you promote a farmer and will look in the equipment field where the file path to his outfit is, and will create the outfit and equip it.


Ohh I see ^^

So, if I want to spawne it with the Item Stamper I need an entry like this:

"farmer:outfit": "file(jobs/farmer/farmer_outfit)",


Yes, but for jobs they are automatically created with it, so you don’t really need that.