The Roman Mod [work in progress] last Update 20.06.2018


I LOVE THIS, amazing design! I am very impressed! you keep doing this mod - It’s very well done!


Hey guys,
sorry that I wasn’t realy aktiv here in the forum because my studies keeps me busy so I have no time to work on it. :confounded:
BUT my plan for the mod is now, to wait until Stonehearth has the most object in the game so I have every buildings, items, decoration and figures in front of me and can then start to “convert” everything into a roman object. :wink:
The goal is that when you start the game you can choose between the 3 standard fractions and my Romans.

I wish all of you a nice day and hopfully I can post in the future more often.



no worry’s man, its a big task to put upon yourself to make a mod like this, life is bound to get in the way sooner or later :wink:


No problem @Moe2212, the internet has infinite patience.

(Except when it comes to the Map Game, pokes @Teleros)



Hey buddy, Rome needs you.


I really like the looks of this. Great job :smiley:


Looks very good. Def. Tracking! :sunglasses:


Can you make color variants, like Blue and green, becouse i have many roman styled buildings in blue, and i would love to have a blue variant of this mod :smiley:


You know this mod needs lions right lol


YES! I love the skins and I really hope this becomes a mod!!! :grinning:


considering @Moe2212 hasnt visited the discourse since August 17 i dont think this is still in progress… but i could be wrong…


Wow this is amazeballz :smiley:
Someone make china and egypt :smiley: It will be like settlers 3 :D:D
Points for you mate, i this mod will be one of the best ever :*

Love Dale


well spiros got this heck it already up on the net.


Hi everyone, :innocent:

I think it is time to get back to QC and start making new models. :sweat_smile:

I’m still waiting for the Mod-manager to begin working on the mod BUT I think 3D models don’t need to wait.

So I’m planning to romanize as many models as possible and of cause share you my ideas how they will look like.

The plan is still to make the Romans as an additional fraction and nothing which will replace an existing one.

Hope I can share you some new things Soon™ :yum:



I have to say the models in this mod are AMAZING! Keep up the good work xD


emm…i think you should do a colab with spiros since he already made a test mod themed add/replace with his mod and you should be good.


its ok, i asked him, if i allowed to make a roman mod, while he has no time.
@Moe2212 i hope we could work together :slight_smile:



So here are some remodeled jobs, the Farmer and the Blacksmith.

I’ve done this because it seems that if you make some “holes” in some body parts, the normal human body will fill the rest .
So to explain it for you what I mean I’ve done some pictures with the new and old models.

New …Old

The old version had everything modeled which had the problem that everyone would have white armes and feet. If nothing goes wrong the new version should automatically change everything which shows skin.



So that was the short Update. :wink:
I try to change all the old modeles in the next days and I will share them, too. :slightly_smiling:
Thanks for all your feadback over the month and years :blush: and I hope you keep enjoying my new work :yum:



So as I said yesterday I updated some job models and made some new ones I want to share with you today:

Upgraded Mason:

Upgraded Worker:

New Weaver:

New Trapper:

New Carpenter:

You can see that there are some minor voxel faults from me by the male models at the neck. So you can see skin where it shoudn’t be :expressionless: Will be fixed tomorrow :smirk:

I also tested yesterday if it works with “automatic filling” of the skin and yes it works: :smiley:

This is still the old Footman and will be upgraded soon™

As next I continue updating job models and try to start updating some items. :wink:



Wow! This looks so amazing! Great work! :smiley: