The RESCUE set to lowest priority

my one of my halfligns is dead and every over halfing is just ignoring him. instead of helping the halfling they do other jobs. the only time that a halfing has been saved in my game is when they have no other jobs to do this is the most aggravating thing i have ever come across as my half-ling are walking over a course of a friend in odrer to move some rocks

Did you flag him? Did you clicked on the button with the cross?
Do you have a Herbalist?

You can change what your hearthlings will “prefer to do” in the citizens menu.


yes i flagged him i had a level 6 herbalist and i had everything enabled in the prefer to do as i was unsure where which section rescue was in they just did other things. i also found in testing on another world that revive works. i think its to do with them being behind a stone door. in my would i am on a island that is connected underground to the mainland. i placed stone doors along the tunnel to slow goblins down the inured half ling are dead on the mainland with 3 doors between them and the main half-lings i used the military move to move my military to the inured half ling but they just stood there i also forced a worker onto the mainland by starting a building there and setting the worker to build only. after he was on the main land i set him to do everything at which point he just ran back to the island runing over my injured half-ling in oder to transport the rocks. after multiple reloads with the save point having the halfling dead i tried to remove all the doors but the halfling did not have enough time to pick up all the doors before the halfling died.

another factor may be he died on a ladder i did not notice this until just now as he was hovering a block off the floor

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If he died on a ladder, you need to remove the ladder first so that he falls to the ground, otherwise he can’t be rescued.
It’s a bug, but don’t know when it will get fixed, at least there’s that workaround. :disappointed_relieved:


thanks that has fixed it. it was that he was on a lader