The real reason Ascendants love their fire pit

It’s become abundantly clear to me recently as to why the Ascendants seem so hooked on sitting around that darn fire every single night!

They’re hooked on computers. Bloody kids and their computer games!

Here, I caught them browsing Firefox.

Sneaky sneaky! :smirk:


+1 interwebz for you -insert cute fox emote that the stonehearth discourse dose not have-



that one will work :laughing:

the fox was probably cold and needed to warm up :laughing:

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Oh dear, the puns, The Puns, THE PUUUUUUUUUUNS!

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Maybe that one wanted to become a flaming nine-tails of legend…

That was quite humorous. :relaxed:

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Haha nice screen :smiley:
Firefox so much overrated :smile:

Or is it a wooden fox ? :o


I suppose a treant could have eaten the fox, my soldiers killed the treant, decided to burn it in the nightly bonfire of gruesome tree slaughter, and out popped a nice roast fox…

…Dinner is served?

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