The problem when digging to deep in to a mountain and villagers ignore my commands to dig more

Hi i am a player since the very beginning of alpha
And my problem is i often need space for more stock piles. so to resolve that i start digging in to a mountain 20x20 rooms and place stockpiles, but often i “Dig To Deep” after around the 2 stock pile (50 blocks) and i am still needing more space i start carving more rooms in to a mountain but always the settlers seem to ignore it if its to deep.

Thnx for reading and being helpful :smile:

I’m not really technical so don’t sue me if this isn’t true, but the villagers have a certain field of view. Anything outside of this range they will ignore, hence the ‘too far’ stock piles being ignored.
My workaround is putting some workers in a party and sending them to somewhere far to fight. Once they’re there they have the desired object in sight and voila.

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Everyone knows that digging too deep will unleash a nameless terror from the depths beneath the city…

The game is kindly informing you that you shall not pass…