The Most Beautiful Screenshot


Sure, I can still play, but after 30min I have to save and reload. I’m afraid the save will be broken coz is pre-1.0



Save reloaded \o/

and that’s all


Its the Great Chapel of the Golden Monkey! Look the pics below!


I really want to try canyons, the orange is so beautiful!


So, this is a little image of my latest Let’s Build


My current village with 30 heartlings.


looks good lorki :slight_smile: gives me a bit of a new orleans/swamp town feel somehow.
also, spot the lorki high-density smoke emitters in the chimnees :stuck_out_tongue:


So, in my new series I’m using the SkyLands mod, and within that… I made a flying ship. Looks pretty cool, so I think it’d fit in here


By the grace of Cid, that is massive.
Good job


Yeah, this took way too long to build xD


That’s awesome!



Wish I could build this well T_T


You can, believe it or not. It just takes time, revisiting what you already did in a build and thinking how you can do it better till you are happy.


These are so amazing! Thanks for sharing :smiley:




So, this image is a bit similar to the last one, but I’ve since then added quite a bit more, hope you guys like it xD