The Most Beautiful Screenshot


Yeah they seem active here, they are not active on steam. I have reported hundreds of bugs, started hundreds of topics…I can count on my hand the number of times a dev or mod has responded. They ignore the Steam Community and it’s really not great.


I finally got around to taking a screenshot of the best town I’ve made, pre-alpha 24+. The save is completely broken, but looks okay… from a distance. (The hearthlings… are a bit creepy now.)


And now you found the right place to engage and report bugs to the devs. It is not like it was a secret? Welcome to the Discourse, good to see you here :merry:


From my current Youtube Town in the Canyon Biome :slight_smile:


I really like how the lights look in the desert. Gotta say, Rayya’s children is one of my favorites.


Northern Alliance so far


im loving the lighthouse :smiley:
(also since my own stonehearth is broken beyond fixing atm: how would the houses look if you make the roofs flush with the floor? (as in cut away the lower walls which should lower the construction time, hight, and material costs?) (would leave a sort of modified version of the houses i usually make :stuck_out_tongue: )


Might be a little late, but these are two screenshots from a build I’m still working on. This is part of my Northen Alliance so far.


Well done looking great:D


Thanks :smiley:


Somehow it shouts “hogworts” to me :’)


I hope that I’m not too late!
I have always loved the heart and attention to detail in the game. I love making small but compact villages that are chock full of decorations.


Few Hearths resting by the fire after a hard days work


the desert town knight like plants :grinning:


I will post more if I can open the save without crashing.


You could pause the game, max the graphics, take the screenshot, and then turn the graphics back down to a playable level.


Hearthlings seem to be trapped in a strange walled garden.


Steve rogers: I get that one!



Awesome love that Monkey on the top :jubilant: