The Miner v1.3.8


Hey, I just wanted to report that with the newer builds of Stonehearth, the outfit for the miner got broken. This one is from the male hearthling. Not sure if the outfit for females is broken too.

Apparently he got four feet now for some reason


@Cusuno This is because of the devs optimising the current outfits and also the human bodies and stuff.
Had to fix my mod too, relatively easy when you know what to do

See Floating footman outfit? Dafuq?


Hey guys, thank you for the bug report. I’m in Iceland right now, so I can’t make an update just now. Update coming next week. Thanks again for the reports.

e: Adjusted models to work with latest game optimization. Iceland was freakin awesome.

e2: Fixed issue with the Miners creating a massively bloated player inventory. If you were noticeably affected by this problem, you will need to start a new game.


Disabled loadout until the mixing in of loadouts is fixed. Fixed some pickaxes not stockpiling, thanks for the reports.


Fixed pickaxe iconic size, steel pick broken picture, re-enabled loadouts


I recently told my level 6 miner to change profession to herbalist. Now he’s naked and holding no equipment. I see where he dropped the steel pick, but not the base pick, and he did get the herbalist staff even though it doesn’t show on his character sheet. In the Citizens list his icon is that of the herbalist, and it says he’s a level 6 herbalist despite never having herb’d anything, and he has the profession abilities of a miner. He does not have a workshop, and when I click on the Crafters menu, the icon for the herbalist is still gray and says I need to have an herbalist. So, if there’s a conflict with the herbalist or with changing a master miner into something else, then I hope this is helpful information.

To fix it I set him to be a worker, then back to herbalist. The pick seems to have been deleted.


Thank you for the report. I don’t have an estimate when I’ll get back to fixing this issue, but it’ll happen at some point.