The Miner v1.3.12

Loving this mod. I’m currently trying a dwarf-like city inside a mountain and my 2 miners are really making a huge difference. I did come across a bug though where I tried to change my miner into another class (herbalist), and he wouldn’t promote, he would go get the item, and go through the animation but then would sit idle until I teleported him. I tried a second time (and had to make a 2nd herbalist stick) and the same thing happened again. I saved and reloaded, and my guy was called a herbalist in game, but didn’t have access to the workshop and when I went to swap classes again it said miner in that section.
This was on the steam workshop mod.

Thanks for the mod though, with the exception of that bug it’s been a really positive experience so far :slight_smile:


Thank you for the feedback and the fantastic bug report. I was able to reproduce the issue, and I am fixing it as we speak. I’d love to see a screenie of your dwarf-city once you’re done!

E: Bugfix uploaded. Miners now always have their picks out. Working on getting them to only have them when they’re running towards a mining assignment. Or should their picks just always stay hidden?

E2: If your Hearthlings are still bugged, try unsubscribing and resubscribing to the mod.


Really loving this mod. thought I would show a picture to illustrate the difference.
the area to the left of the red circle took several workers a couple of weeks to do.
the miner did all the area in the red circle is less than two days.
without begging LOL


Thanks, I really enjoy it because then I don’t have to build a wall, and since farms work underground you can be 100% sustainable while being in the safety of your mountain, with only 1 entry point, and practically unlimited space. Since you don’t need builders when underground because you just mine rooms and stuff, you can just turn your workers into miners.

The only other thing that I forgot to mention, but it’s pretty minor (get it?). The miner often prioritizes other jobs such as restocking items or putting up decorations over mining. So to get them to mine I will often have to disable those other jobs.

But I love this mod and I’ll be using it for a while I think.


Thank you, I’ll check out the priority issue as well.

E: Added 1.0.2 patch. Slowed XP gain. Miner picks are no longer always visible, but only when there is a mining assignment. Miners are eager to start mining, so they’ll take out their tool even as they’re running to the mining zone, and stow it when they are done. Still researching priority issue.

E2: Fixed priority issue, added 3 craftable pickaxes.


New outfit by @Yangzhoui! New headlamp at Level 4! A little more XP when mining a vein, XP gain slowed slightly to compensate.

e: miners only turn on lamps when mining.


If anyone runs into bugs or other issues while playing, please post the bug and the save here. I’m getting some issue reports on steam, but having trouble replicating.

e: Fixed combat engine error issue

e2: Fixed engine error when loading while the miner is mining

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Like this mod allot , thanks for the work. The only things that happened strange for me was that my miner was stuck in combat. No mobs around he just stood there and starved. His health fell to zero and he still did not die. I just destroyed him and created another. The other miner thing is whenever they drop a pick to upgrade to the next one, none of the harthlings will pick it up and put it in storage.


Thank you for the feedback. I fixed a couple of bugs today, if you’re using a SMOD version, make sure you grab the most recent SMOD from the top post (the Dropbox link). The combat bug fix is also included. Let me know if you keep running into this problem.


Using the steam version. Thanks.

Once better optimisation hits I’ll be using this mod for sure! A dedicated miner will be essential in a larger town!

I just hope he’s not too OP… but then again I suppose one of each other class more or less caters to the players needs anyway.


I’ve been playing him in my own worlds for a while. A fully levelled up miner can easily do the job of 5 hearthlings when it comes to mining; increase that to 10 if you manage to get him the highest level pickaxe. He is very powerful for digging, but I don’t necessarily think he’s overpowered. It takes him quite a long time to level up, and because his promotion talisman is crafted by the blacksmith, in most games it will take you a while to even get to the point where you can train him. I intended him as an advanced class all along, the thinking being that until you get to a large, developed town, the regular workers are more than enough to fulfill all your mining needs. It is once you’ve essentially done everything you can with regular workers, once you’ve set up all your crafting chains and have a large enough population to support a massive inventory that the Miner produces, is when you should really be using him.

In retrospect, the Miner has two main purposes: one is fast mining, but the other, and arguably more important one, is freeing up worker hearthlings to do things like building, or picking up after the miner, so your mine is clean and usable a lot faster than with regular workers. I’m finding it a lot easier to focus my workers on things when I have a dedicated mining class. All we need now is a dedicated hauling class OR dedicated builder class, and I think lategame will become a lot easier and more fun to develop.

I hope you enjoy the mod when the optimizations roll about, thanks for looking.


That would fit very well into this mod together with the miner in my opinion Moai! An advanced tier of the workers? I guess it is a matter if you see the time worth investing? But your mod here is one of the most practical out there :slight_smile:


The thing with making new classes is I also have to weigh it against what Radiant already has in their game folders. An advanced builder is already kind of in the game, they have an Architect class. He’s got a filled out JSON file, armor, buffs all ready to go… it looks like Radiant is basically just waiting to start writing functionality for him when they have time.

The Miner was also in the game, as noted in my OP. Unlike the Architect, however, the only things in the Miner folder were an image and a stub of a JSON file, so it appeared that Radiant weren’t in any hurry to code the guy up, and I felt safer making that mod.

My next mod is another profession class, but it’s not something that Radiant made plans for ever having, to my knowledge. But yes, I do aim for practicality with these.


speaking about a dedicated hauler, a hauler with a wheelbarrow/tuktuk :stuck_out_tongue:?
(not that most of my fighters arent dedicated haulers when they arent fighting, patrolling is a waste of time XD)

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That’s an interesting idea. I think you could theoretically adapt Radiant’s code for recovering downed hearthlings for this, except replacing the hearthling with a wheelbarrow. Of course, again: you’ll need to write a component for the wheelbarrow, a set of actions for the hauler to make sure he uses the wheelbarrow, making sure he never abandons it / loses it, or handling the situation if he does, making sure he drops the wheelbarrow and runs if he is attacked…

It’s all simple ideas until you start coding them. I encourage you to make and release a simple mod using one of your ideas. It’s both harder and easier than you might imagine.


yeah i know, ive modded some other games in the past (most extensively the original company of heroes, but also some Xcom2) so i know it can be a pain in the …turnip… though personally i’d have gone the route of “give them more inventory space, and literally weld the wheelbarrow to their clothing in .qb, dont give it collision”

cheap shortcut? yes. doable? more yes.

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That is basically what I did with the Miner. I asked my modeller to give miners a nice big bag on the back, and increased the inventory space. Also, he gets speed upgrades. If he’s not mining, he does a great job of hauling.

I want to see if I can adapt radiant’s technology of those supply and finished work containers, that have the little versions of blocks they contain on them, and put those into my miner’s backpack. God that’d just be the most adorable thing ever. If that doesn’t work, I’m doing basically what you said – I just have multiple qb files that I switch depending on what I need. It’s what I do with the headlamp.

That said, just adding the headlamp meant I had to make six versions of the miner’s costume, rather than the usual two (male/female, lamp on male/female, lamp off male/female). If I have to add an empty/full backpack to this, that adds up to freaking 12 QB files. Oof.

So yeah, from my experience, it looks like using entire different QB files is kind of a dead end, you want to separate your components as much as possible. More headache now means less headache later sort of thing.


well if you do manage to figure out how the supply thing works, that would be awsome. if he’s not mining he can be hauling turnips and things in that basked of his/hers (that… is… AWSOME)

I’d like a dedicated hauler, if I have one of those, a dedicated miner and builder then I can focus more on getting the other classes and make the rest military focused.