The Miner v1.3.11


I promise I’ve been trying to cut back on the mods! I’m slowly getting used to not having some though! I will try o replicate this when I get some time today.


LUA Error due to Miner not being able to gain XP after level 5
miner lua error.txt (3.3 KB)
lua error 2.txt (2.3 KB)



after lv 2 got error and miner not gain exp anymore

error.txt (1.0 KB)


@Xerosxz have you downloaded the latest version of the mod, it fixed that issue. @Moai updated it after the profession change. I am using the steam workshop one and It is working fine for me now. If you don’t use steam check the current mod section here on discourse I believe he updated that one as well. The reason is the developers changed profession tables into strings.


Yep I use Steam Version and I may know why I got error because I use ACE mod


Uploaded 1.3.10: Added checking if the tags variable is a string or a table before checking for ore, this should fix ACE related issues


I got an error


Oops. Fixed else if -> elseif. Derp.