The Mims Beginning | Strategy/God sim

Become a leader of Mims colony!
The Mims - lovable and funny creatures roaming the galaxy in search of new places to colonize!
After a fruitless search, their intergalactic spaceship was hit by a meteor and smashed into pieces. Saved by rescue capsules, scared Mims land on the not-so-friendly-asteroids. The survivors reach flying islands where variety of challenges await them. The Mims decide to colonize by starting farming business on newly settled asteroids and they want to find their place in the outer space. The Mims have got PSI powers which help them follow their leader’s orders and do some work.
As their leader help them cope with problems and survive in this hostile environment!

I started playing the game, got an early copy so if you wanna check it out:


Looks very interesting, Sadly because of certain someone…Cough Cough @SteveAdamo cough cough I am broke from spending money on Kickstarter projects

what’d i do? i merely pointed out one or two… ok, 27 projects… i see your point… but you made the final decision to pledge! :smile:

thanks for the heads up @Petard… i’ll take a look this morning… :smiley:


This looks interesting.

It is a very fun game! I suggest you all pledge 8 bucks so we get a survival game mode. Once the game hits steam I’m pretty sure it will get some recognition and hopefully more updates.