Task Issues with Soldiers

In my last couple settlements I decided to try turning off “job” on my soldiers so they would help move things around the settlement and increase the overall productivity of my hearthlings. It worked great! Except that everytime I sent them into combat after turning off the “job” checkbox in the hearthlings screen, after taking a swing they would attempt to run back to a crop or item depot and try to patrol, thereby missing their next attack (which is especially odd since you turned off “job” to keep them from patrolling in the first place). They would wind-up taking about 5 or 6 steps away from the enemy they were assigned to attack, then charge back to hit them again. But after each swing they try to run back to a patrol zone. Another issue I’ve been seeing commonly after disabling the “job” checkbox (even after enabling it again) is that once the soldiers take down one enemy, they ignore the others and run back to patrol zones (as if the other enemies aren’t even there).

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