Tales of the Elder Scrolls

Hello! Friends, Adventurers, and fiends! I have created this thread so that we all can share our tales of games that may be called “Elder Scrolls” Talk of our adventures or maybe of the new game that’s coming out, “ESO”. But for right now, I shall tell you about (and perhaps gloat) about a young man named Pyre, an Imperial who traveled into skyrim and was quickly arrested for illegal immigration, and when his head was put on the chopping block (execution for illegal immigration? man, skyrim is harsh!) , the dragons had reappeared and destroyed the entire town and left it in ruin, to survive, Pyre had followed the other imperials out to safety and escaped the burning town.

After the dragon incident, Pyre had to get on his feet and find civilization that wasn’t going to put his head on a block, so he traveled to riverwood to and the imperials he followed warned him not to go into the dungeon on the yonder mountain, bleak falls barrow, but he went in anyways. When Pyre entered he encountered dead that just refused to stay that way, he didn’t have too much of an issue getting through the dungeon, but when he got to the deepest part of the barrow, he found a strange panel with what looked like a foreign language, and of course a big old treasure chest, but when he looked closer at the strange markings on the panel, the master of the dungeon appeared, and was hot on Pyre’s heels, but using his superior agility he defeated the demon (ha ha, suck it you two handed loser!), and traveled to the next town.

Pyre arrived in Whiterun to inform the Jarl (Mayor or King of the city-state) of the return of the dragons, the Jarl thanked him, and requested him to gather more information about the dragons, so the Jarl sent him to see his court wizard, who wanted Pyre to go to an ancient dungeon near Riverwood, and find an ancient stone with valuable information about the dragons. “You mean this old stone?” Pyre asked (lol)

The Court Wizard thanked him and Pyre overheard word that a dragon was circling around a watch tower to the west of town, so Pyre set off in his quest for Glory! Pyre met with the small military force that had gathered to investigate the tower and found out that the tower had been completely destroyed! They found a survivor and he described the horror that had happened not too long ago and that the beast was soon to come back, and sure enough, one of the guards spotted it and before they knew it, the beast was upon them!

The fires that were scattered across the battlefield soon were refilled with vigor as the giant flying reptile let out enormous streams of flame and swallowed guards whole, but with sword and shield in hand, Pyre ran up to the demon…and to be completely honest, it was beating him to death with it’s tail…but Pyre cut it down and it’s body fell lifelessly to the ground and it laid dead, but that’s not even the most interesting part, when the beast died, it’s flesh appeared as if it was melting off it’s own body, and the energy emitting from it’s corpse surrounded Pyre and disappeared inside him, when he turned around, everyone was stareing at him, and when he tried to open his mouth, a force emerged from within him so powerful it knocked everyone on their behinds, then one of them began to shout “Dragonborn! Dragonborn! It is he who has at last appeared!” and from then on, Pyre when on many quests returning with wealth as a treasure hunter and a glory as a hero.

Hello everyone, Pyre here, I hope you did enjoy the little tale I put together above of the first few days everyone spends as Dovakin. As I’ve mentioned before, this thread is to spread our tales of other Dovakin and other heros of the Elder Scrolls, and to have other idle chat and mead and singing and dancing and maybe even conversation of the new Elder Scrolls Game “Elder Scrolls Online” (ESO) (Sounds an awful lot like SAO doesn’t it?) So I should start, as of the creation of this thread, I am once again restraining myself from playing a game in the false hopes of doing some youtube on it and most likely never will get around to it, but I was hoping to share the start of my Dawnguard Quest on youtube, which again, is not likely to happen,

But I, the Dovakin of Skyrim, Pyre, am the leader of the Thieves Guild, Arch Mage of the College of Winterhold, Imperial War Hero, slayer of Ulfric and Alduin, the Eldest Son of Krosis, Proud owner of 3 Dragon Priest Masks, Husband of Ysolda, Property Owner in and Thane of Solitude, Expert Enchanter and Smith, Adept Alchemist and lock-breaker, Apprentice Archer, Paladin, Merchant, Fire Mage, Healer, sniper, and Master Fencer. Here are my actual skills that I thought were worth mentioning…

Level 43
85 One-Handed
83 Smithing
81 Enchanting
79 Heavy Armor
67 Alchemy
66 Lockpicking
63 Archery
54 Restoration
52 Speech
51 Destruction
47 Sneak
45 Block
43 Light Armor
Anything else is probably lower.

I wear Ebony Armor that has been cranked up 2x past Legendary with…
Black Ebony Helmet of Focus (Armor 87 : Value 3008 : 20% Restoration Ease)
Black Ebony Armor of Spirit (Armor 176 : Value 4881 : 45% Magicka Regen)
Black Ebony Gauntlets of Striking (Armor 77 : Value 1969 : 35% One-Handed)
Black Ebony Boots of Agility (Armor 77 : Value 1969 : 35% Two-Handed)
and Shield of the Ebony Paladin (Armor 90 : Value 3073 : 35% Block)

I may enter unto combat wielding…
Blade of the Inferno (Ebony Sword : Damage 123 : Value 2877 : 30+ Fire Damage)
Blade of the White Tundra (Ebony Sword : Damage 123 : Value 2943 : 25+ Frost Damage)
Northern Storm (Ebony Greatsword : Damage 85 : Value 5223 : 25+ Frost Damage)
Storm Shot (Daedric Bow : Damage 57 : Value 6016 : 20+ Shock Damage)
Void’s Calling (Glass Bow : Damage 69 : Value 2851 : If Target dies in 1 Second, fills a Soul Gem)

Dragon Priest Masks ~
Morokei (100% Magicka Regen)
Nahriin (50+ Magicka 20% Destruction and Restoration Ease)
Otar (Elemental Resistance Boost)

Charms ~
Necklaces of Dwindling Flames, Frost, and Shock (40% resistance each) Haggling (20% better deals) Magicka (50+) Strength (30+ Carry Capacity) and Ring of Wielding (30% One-Handed) Archery (35%) Block (35%) Lockpicking (35%) and more Strength (30+ Carry Capacity)

I also own the Leather boots of Hauling, Thieves Guild Armor, and The Finished Gauldur Amulet, a Smithing Set, an Alchemy Set, Enchanting and Smithing Potions, and what? 4 Claws now? I think 4…Ebony, Ivory, Emerald, and the Diamond Claw I think.

I can also brew a Restore and Fortify Health Potion that does 75+ Health and Restores 115 points of Health, and a Resist Fire and Frost Potion that Resists 56% of Fire and Frost Damage. Btw, in case you didn’t know this already, but free potion recipe : Resist Fire Ingredient + Snowberries + Resist Frost Ingredient

Sorry for the Incredibly long post, I thank you if you endured all of that ~~

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wow, I love this idea @PyreStarite… the ES series is so rich with lore, and stories like yours just jump right out of a gameplay experience… :+1:

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Yeah, but I really am teetering between whether I make a Dawnguard Series or Not, the only question I have for you guys is if you would like to see me make an Lp of Dawnguard. Please don’t be shy, I need opinions!

to be honest, i dont know if ive ever watched an LP of any games in the ES series… i enjoy them too much to want to spoil anything… and the single player experience is so rich, that i dont want to see someone else acquire some new piece of magic, or armor set that i’ve never heard of! :smile:

but im sure (given how popular the games are) that an LP will have a decent following…

Pyre’s Dragon Guide ~
Figured I’d put this here, thread doesn’t seem to be doing that hot, but might as well

Having issues with dragons kicking your butt? Well why not read this to learn how to deal with the beasties?

Dragons aren’t exactly your common enemy, they aren’t supposed to be easy. The first thing I can recommend for fighting dragons is dependent on what your preferred means of attack are. A Dragons attack speed is probably the slowest in the game, so in my opinion the best tactic to use are stuns, if you stun before a dragon’s next attack, the dragon’s not going to get much of an opportunity to hit you. I have my firebolts set to where they dual cast stun, so if a dragon is flying above my head taking pot shots at me, I just blast it and enjoy seeing it nearly fall out of the sky. When the dragon is on the ground I can either continue to blast it or just pull out my shield at smart trade hits with it, blocking during it’s melee attacks and bashing it in the face when it tries to do it’s breathe attack.

That’s all I can really think of right now! Let me know if you have any questions! Really…this thread needs to be more lively…

Really?! Nothing?! Nothing at all? Not even hipe for ESO??
Comon guys, Elder Scrolls is a good game series, what’s the problem?

[quote=“PyreStarite, post:6, topic:4267”] Not even hipe for ESO??

I haven’t really been keeping up with ESO, but (unfortunately) what little I’ve read has not been that promising… the crafting system looks like it might be quite fun though…