System Performance: Memory, Lights, and Lists

I’m placing this in Development rather listing it as a bug. @sdee move where you will :wink:
I have an Nvidia GTX 750ti & 16 gigs of ram running wind 8.1 x64. This is a short vid to show the large load buildings, farms and lights seems put on my system. And a need for scrolling on population list. Also it’s for the purty of the lights.
In the upper left of video you can see my systems stats.

DxDiag.txt (61.6 KB)
dxdiag included.

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thanks for the feedback and capturing the system details! unfortunately (for me) its fairly difficult to read the results in the video…

click youtube, full screen set for HD :wink: it’s recorded in 1080p via shadowplay

yes sir, i did… and my apologies, i should have mentioned my GPU here at work is … subpar at best… :smile:

…Yeah…don’t make that many lights yet, please :slight_smile: All of those lights are completely dynamic, and right now, we’re using a ‘forward’ renderer to draw lights, which basically just ‘adds’ lighting to the scene by figuring out what kind of geometry is affected by the light, and drawing that lit geometry. This means that if you have 100 lights, we are figuring out what geometry is lit by that light, and then drawing that geometry–100 times. Per frame. This is not cheap :smile:

In the near-ish future: for players with older machines, they’ll have to make due with the forward renderer, because that’s fast (for small numbers of lights) and not use many lights (we’ll probably do something to ensure we just don’t draw many lights at once; not sure yet how this’ll work). For the higher end (such as your rig), we’ll introduce a ‘deferred’ rendering solution that is a lot more efficient with large numbers of lights (in the low hundreds).

(In the deeper future, I fantasize about writing a ‘tiling-based lighting engine’, which, for the top-end, can handle tens-of-thousands of dynamic lights in a scene…)


Thanks troublemaker. :wink:

and now this dream has been “doubly captured” by the steely grip of the internet… and she will never let you deny its existence, or escape making it a reality…


Making messes and getting in peoples way. That’s my job. :smile:
High End Machine? I can’t afford the machine I want.

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I think this is an Active Bug Report. If so, the category should be changed.

Hmm I don’t think it’s really a bug, it’s just the way it is at the moment.

@not_owen_wilson has given us a good understanding as to why lighting is a potential cataclysmic event that should be actively avoided. A change of category maybe, to something like gameplay, or development.