Sweetpallyd's Qubicle Creations (dwarfs are epic)


the dwarven weaponsmith


That’s pretty cool. The animal skin rug under the “outbox” is a neat touch.For the anvil, it feels like it blends into itself too much and would look like a blob zoomed out. Perhaps try “baking in some shadows” by lightening and darkening certain parts to make them stand out?


Looks great, And far better than my first work. :smile: Just as few points, The dwarfs skin may want a little editing and Anvils aren’t normally Nailed/welded to the floor as they are handed down through generations. Maybe straps would be more realistic?


For a first swing of the bat, that’s a pretty damn good effort. As other people have stated, I recommend you look at some of the live streams to add a bit more depth and colour


thx for the advice guys, and ill look at the streams


I went and google searched for anvils and found most simply lie where they are. It’s probably a matter of you never work on anything heavier than the anvil so it doesn’t move anyhow. Couple that with the fact that the force is always perpendicular to the anvil and it shouldn’t move regardless. Think of driving a nail through a table. The table doesn’t move because energy applied to the nail isn’t enough to compress the table to act like a spring.


To be honest, I think the nails/rivets are a nice touch. Not everything has to be perfectly realistic, and it adds a nice touch of color to an otherwise dull item. I think it just needs to be made a dark grey rather than some black, maybe with some lighter and darker greys for highlights


welcome aboard @sweetpallyd! excellent first go… i would also suggest you take a look at some of @voxel_pirate’s very useful tutorials…


They don’t even need to be rivets. Could just be inlays of bronze. Dwarves are always about elaborate metallurgy.


i’ve been researching and i found this on a wiki page “A loose anvil is extremely unsafe, as it can fall off the base and is an ineffective forging tool. Common methods of attaching an anvil are spikes, chains, steel or iron straps or where there are holes provided, and cables.”


Wouldn’t be the first time I’m wrong xD Good find.


but it’d be the first time i’m right :smile:. any way @Paranundrox is right, realism isn’t important.


A nice eye popping entry there. Really like what you have done.

Now who is going to tackle the Rabbit people’s workshop?


the emerald dwarven chariot


long time no upload but here is the next one, the dwarven mine entrance


wow, quite a bit to absorb there… the transport cart, storage carts… underground flora, tracks and mine entrance…

very nicely done! :+1:

is there a reason why his cargo bins are so much smaller than his own cart?


Wow! This work is really Fascinating, I Love It It’s Cool