Swamp Biome Mod 🐸 (Big mushrooms)


please and thank you!


love the biome. wish i could get it to work sad face.


Oh, I will release an update to it soon, not much changed, but it will be for a24.


@BrunoSupremo, any news?


patch_notes_button Mod Updated

For Alpha 24!
Alpha 24 ready. Very small update, better fireflies though.

:up: At the first post. :up:


  • a24 ready:
    Weather, trees dropping seeds, improved compatibilities and balance changes, etc…

  • Fog and weather:
    Although we already had fog in the old versions (the same effect that other biomes now started using as clouds) it is now completely replaced with the a24 foggy weather. As foggy is the most occurring weather here, it will not spawn undeads, else it would be overwhelming in the early days. (Probably will be changed to have custom swamp spawnings)

  • Frogs:
    Ambient mob, trappers can trap it for food or pet, like other critters (though its drops are from rabbits yet as placeholders)

  • Playable Goblins?:
    Not yet. You can use them, build, mine, etc. But it is really empty. There is no campaign, only 2 jobs, still missing a lot of craftables, recipes with placeholder values, etc…
    In short, it is possible to use without errors, but there is almost no content.

I hope you all like it and have fun!


finally thank you soo mutch. ps. i very mutch want to make a mod and would like help getting started. a race mod to be precise.


I love that frog! Awesome.


I love that you’re completely re-designing the crafters and workstations, the biome and the orcs are looking awesome, keep up the great work.


Hi, I love this biome the most from all the biomes that are available. Just one Question, is there a way to get the seeds from the native trees?


Yes, they randomly drop from chopping them.

This mod is very outdated (although no bugs or erros). It is on my list to do a big push for it, it just happens that there was also many other things and the list keeps growing…


I really liked this mod, and I wish there was update


I’m currently working on it :slight_smile:
Aside from seasons and landmarks, the biome will probably stay the same (although I was trying new generations today, I reverted it all back because it was not good) . What will take almost all my time is the kingdom, it is a lot of stuff to be made. Building templates, campaigns, 7 completely new classes (it doesn’t use any of the human classes, except workers) and many new mechanics.
I hope I can deliver this huge task in time and hopefully with the aimed quality.