Swamp Biome + Firefly Clan + Beast Tamer 🐾

Ahhh, I see. Probably no way to toggle them from showing up in the Shop for the other factions, though, I imagine

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You can if you want.
At /entities/furniture/ you will see three folders, hammock, simple_table and simple_chair.
At each one, in the .json file named the same as their folder, you will find this:

"shop_info": {
	"buyable": true,
	"sellable": true,
	"shopkeeper_level": 1,
	"shopkeeper_type": "caravan"

Just change buyable to false and it should not be offered at traders anymore. (This one does not need to start over in a new save, but let’s see how long you get this time lol)

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The Benefactor wishes me to send this response on her behalf: :stuck_out_tongue:


You jinxed me -.- My game just crashed, and the only save file that will load, is the one I forgot to update since day 1

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:frowning: Come to the stream! (if you are not there yet)

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There’s a stream atm? o.O Be right there!

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My first encounter with one of the bears! So awesome :slight_smile:


That’s cute : )

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I’d actually move the bear to temperate (and arctic in the future) biome and stick to varanus in the swamp because it resembles a crocodile (I remember some files related to varanus being named crocodile or alligator).

I’m not sure what mood is planned for the swamp, but unless it is a stress-free swamp I’d make the trees more creepy (weeping willows, strangely curled mangrove trees, some bare trees).

Oh the varanus has a big focus in the future and there is nothing that tells me that the bear cant be used in other biomes aswell.

The “mood” for the biome, is to house the goblin kingdom, The firefly clan. With the goblins being heavy on humor.
Have you played in this biome yet @Pawel_Malecki? If not, it would be great to get some feedback from you, based on gameplay aswell?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes, I played in the swamp and that’s precisely why I’m asking about the intended mood. Right now it is kinda spooky (colour palette, mist over water), but kinda not. As a huge fan of grotesque humour I’d actually love to see goblin jokes in a truly haunting environment.


hehe ok. I will take a note of your suggestions and we will see if it leads down a path that can be something great.
Thank you for giving your feedback, it is much apreciated! :slight_smile:

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Thought I’d let you know that I’m going to start playing in this biome right now on hard mode. :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: What kinda feedback are you looking for? :grin: I don’t plan on playing the firefly campaign until you consider it playable.


I’m personally worried on resources balance as I have done no play tests in the biome yet.

@Wharp i would love some feedback on the water mechanics (sticky water) regarding defence and combat situations.
And as @BrunoSupremo say, the resource balance is something we are focused on, so that would be very helpfull!

Anything else you stumble accross is always welcome aswell!
Thank you :slight_smile:

I did notice that there are a lot more harvestables compared to the temperate biome (but I also think temperate has just a bit too little). In my opinion theres a bit too much in the swamp biome, and that the plants shouldn’t give both, since I had planned on having fiber but my hearthling had eaten it :joy:


I think we have to reveal the information, that the goblins will focus more on gathering than farming.

The feedback on the double use of resources is very important and kind of an experiment we are having. But it dont work if the greedy little buggers eat it all haha :smile:

Do you have a farmer and/or fisherman aswell at this point? and is that making a difference?
Any aspect you can think of can be helpfull to us, thank you @Wharp :slight_smile:

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OK, so a bit of feedback from me. The fiber/food combo is definitely not a good idea, because I have the same problem: I ordered the Weaver to craft some thread but the fiber was eaten before he managed to finish crafting. Later I had some laughing because I caught the very Weaver eating the cattails (ugh, I’m sooooooo exhausted today, I think no one will notice if I eat this one instead).

Fisherman definitely helps in the Swamp and fits the theme nicely. In fact it makes even more sense to have one in the Swamp than in the Archipelago as it is considerably harder to set up trapping grounds in the Swamp.

I’m sorry to write that but I think refocusing a kingdom from farming to gathering is pointless as long as you can move all the plants to one spot and just mark it for harvest from time to time (or use autoharvest…). It’s the same thing, just manual. Just make the goblin farmer advance from a different job instead of straightforward promotion from a worker.


ahahaha that really made me laugh :rofl: but yes that is not how it should work… and we will work on a better solution.

Great to hear with the fisherman.

hmm i see your point there. So either we need to make the plants (or some of them) unmoveable, or go the farming route. I will take a note and work on a solution. Thank you @Pawel_Malecki!

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In the darkest hour, the fireflies dances in the swamp…