Swamp Biome + Firefly Clan + Beast Tamer 🐾

For sure it takes a long time for me.
As in, in any other biome, the time between actually seeing the result world generated in the screen and being asked to place down the starting banner is around 10 seconds, but in the swamp it is more than a minute.

patch_notes_button Mod Updated

Through Steam Workshop, or :up: At the first post. :up:


Added building brushes patterns with fiber, for floors, walls and roofs
Added firefly shield (force field defense)
Added magma sword (high level weapon)
Added market shelf (auto sell items to travellers)
Added new templates (nursery, shaman center, bonesmith workshop, earthmaster workshop, treasure storage, fisher hut)
Added landmarks with terrain overhangs
Added goblin traders selling only goblin items.
Added wood bench.


Compatibility for the Tower Defense mod, turning the biome into a new map option.
Optimized items for shops, goblins items can now appear in usual traders and in the correct tiers.
Enabled mining ability for the earthmaster job
Changed candle flame color from orange to green
Changed wooden door size from 3 to 4 high

Fixed ace bug with weapon selection


If you embark Firefly Clan to another kingdom, is there a known issue with using the egg pedestal to make more goblins?

I seem to be having that issue in my current playthrough.

Uhm, I thought it was fixed. I will take a look here.
If you want, you can send me your save with the problem too.

Loving the mod, cant wait to see it get more building items like double wood doors! also Im guessing the clay bed and stuff are place holders cause it doesnt really fit in my opinion.

also can the goblins not use the boats in the fisherman mod due to the change of character model.

Bruno, I’m not sure if you remember me, but we were talking about the mushroom farm. I’m sorry for bothering you but this was my idea.

For example, you would have to cultivate mushrooms in a planter and depending on the conditions, the mushrooms will grow. Say if you plant the mushrooms in the open desert, none of them will grow since they need a lot of moisture. I think that would be cool. If you want to make it, let me know.

Also, I love your elite four poyos! Also, I would recommend not having seeds for the mushrooms because it doesn’t exist.

Too complex, it seems like something ace would do (and from what I saw in some messages, they are already planning planters like that). My mushroom gardens will be strictly vanilla style (like all my mods), you place it there, it stays there cute and simply work, no new mechanic or learning needed, just plop and harvest when you want.
And there is no mushroom seed in this. It must be from another mod.

When will we be seeing the next update? and are you in need of any help? Im not the best model maker but Ide love to try lol.

patch_notes_button Mod Updated

Through Steam Workshop, or :up: At the first post. :up:

Added tier 2 campaign with upgraded hearths
Earthmaster can now repair stuff (like engineers)
Decoration banner, camp flag, camp hearths, force shields and eggs are now points of interest for patrols (they will patrol around those items)
Added appeal to plants
Improved old templates, added new ones, some are now only available at tier 2
Added an extra color tone of white for fibers
Added craftable wells when ace is active (for their thirsty mechanics)
Added stone bench
Swamp seeds added to the herbalist menu

Balanced many items prices and recipes
Model updates for clay bed, clay chest, cattail bundle, pot signs
Notifications for egg hatching and baby growing into adult
Added icon for egg pedestals in use
Added mini fountain visual effects
Plate of mushrooms can properly be filtered as prepared food and added to input filters
Farmers (humans) can now work as expected when imported to the goblin kingdom
Nerfed beast tamer, traps amount based on mind (e.g. 4 mind = 4 traps)
Adjusted biome fog
Added moss to stone golems mobs

Goblins not laying egg when nordlings mod was on
Patrols stuck on a single spot
Purple fiber roof bug when trying to make bigger roofs
Curtain door position bug fixed


patch_notes_button Mod Updated

Through Steam Workshop, or :up: At the first post. :up:


Added stone table
Added stone throne and wood throne
Added wood double door
Added tower brazier
Added wood water well and stone water well
Added vegetables replacement (counts as raw vegetables for recipes)
Added mushroom garden, can multiply mushrooms
Added awning (thanks Pandemic and Kitty)
Added barricade gate

Added Earthmaster icons perks (wip)
Added and balanced items appeal values (thanks Tobles)
Footman attack balanced and limited based on player combat unit amount
Mushrooms included in input filters

Broken english throughout the mod (thanks P3rdit1ous)
Bear bug with ace mod
Error on peaceful campaign


I have this weird bug where my Goblin cant decide to drink work or idle, please help!

when I picked up the Stone in the weird statue my goblins went crazy and couldn´t decide on an activity, i dont know why but i had to make a new save

@BrunoSupremo one for you i guess

patch_notes_button Mod Updated

Through Steam Workshop, or :up: At the first post. :up:



Firefly jewel, high level recipe ingredient
Added gold flakes recipes (not used in goblins crafting yet)
Small Braziers
Large Braziers
Stone mushroom garden
Violets spawning in the swamp
Sweet Potatoes spawning in the swamp
Craftable Ladders
Upgraded staff (wip, spirit walker weapon)


The game now teaches players again about how to get new goblins if its population did not increased for some time
When humans allies with one goblin player, they ally with all other players. The campaign for other players will now adapt to their current alliance status.
Footman attacking damage lowered
Added mini quest with humans asking materials, before upgrading their own hearth
Beast Tamer and Spirit Walker will have speech bubbles displaying what attack they are using
Edited Earthmaster tier 1 template to avoid entities walking through the windows
Balanced mushroom garden growth/replenish time
Edited some tree colors
Fireflies at night now spawns only around your town (instead of the whole map)
Goblins now able to harvest ace bees
Firefly Shield and Stone Throne recipes now require jewels (more recipes with it later)
Updated fishing hut (tier 2) to have the new ladders, allowing easy access to the upper floor
Increased time between human wave attacks
Babies easier to keep, sleeping less and walking faster
Goblins will always have at least 2 spirit (instead of 1, like mind and body)

Fixed bug with travel stall not working after town tier 2 was reached
Fixed issues in campaign with multiplayer, like not being able to defeat the boss after another player made them neutral
Fixed missing/wrong collisions on many items (goblin could end stuck when trying to place those items)
Fixed egg hunting bugs spawning too far and on inaccessible locations
Fixed beast tamer and spirit walker summons spawning on inaccessible locations
Fixed missing vegetables serving model
Fixed ghost trees and planted seeds being used in recipes
Fixed mountain grass not allowing trapping or farming zones
Fixed collision problem with the awning
Fixed bug with knight leaving its camp to attack the players, they should hold ground now
Fixed wood signs attaching to walls through the bottom, now it is from the top part


patch_notes_button Mod Updated

Through Steam Workshop, or :up: At the first post. :up:

New Firefly Chaser trait for goblins
Added container input filters for goblin items (firefly essence, jewel, cattail, flower and vegetables)
Biome thoughts (positive when in the swamp, negative elsewhere)
Weather Stone, can change the weather once activated
Swamp landmarks added to geomancer crafting menu

New firefly visual effect
Goblins can start receiving healing potions when hp is below 85% instead of when below 50% (vanilla)
Goblins now have their own tombstone model
Goblins can now have up to 3 traits
Improved landmarks
Workers now start equipped with a club instead of hammers or pickaxes
Hammocks do not give comfy beds buffs anymore
Prefixed/Sorted templates with emoji :purple_heart:
Shaman is faster at essence crafting
Spirit Walker nerf, max summons equal to half its spirit stat (1:2)

Fixed hearth light/shadow bug
Fixed undeads appearing on the first foggy days
Fixed spirit walker effect disappearing while in patrol
Removed ace goblin raids against the firefly
Fixed error with plant ghosts ending used on crafting
Fixed mushroom items (chair and table) being considered food
Warrior hearth now summons spirits challengers instead of undeads


patch_notes_button Mod Updated

Through Steam Workshop, or :up: At the first post. :up:


Frog Companion trait :frog:
Added eye patch version for the other eye (left or right sides possible now)
(With ACE) bone furniture in the bonesmith recipes
Characters will avoid water when pathing, going around it most of the time
Raw stone can be crafted from clay and chitin

Redone effects for the spirit walker and warrior auras (old orbs floating around)
Finished the upgraded staff (spirit walker equip)
Added effort values for recipes without them
(For ACE) Cattail fiber counts as thatch too
Wood Chest craft level dropped from 3 to 2
Amberstone Campaign adapted for goblins, with custom dialogs, requests, etc…
Crafter buttons not available for the firefly now appears when the job is in town (e.g. from reembarked hearthlings)
Connected equivalent workbenches (e.g. potter kiln and earthmaster kiln are interchangeable)

Fixed bug with town progression not starting (should start after promoting the first bonesmith now)
Fixed landmarks blocks not dropping stone when mined
Fixed frogs being vegetarian
Fixed weather stone locked on reload
Fixed crafters getting items already placed in the world to use them for recipes


I may sound crazy but… Could there be way you could get goblin jobs when playing as hearthlings?

Only if cheating with commands, select unit and paste this in lua console for the job you want:

	local job_comp = e:get_component('stonehearth:job')
	local allowed = job_comp:get_allowed_jobs()
	allowed["swamp_goblins:jobs:shaman"] = true
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patch_notes_button Mod Updated

Through Steam Workshop, or :up: At the first post. :up:

Bongo and xylophone instruments, craftable and playable
Trapper templates (for trapper+ mod)
Spirit Ball attack for level 2 Spirit Walkers (on old saves a repromote is needed)
Wall Mask decoration
Clay Chair
Small Bag, a “chest” that holds 8 items
Two new fiber roof patterns and one new fiber floor pattern in the builder
Spirit Walker templates
Console cheat “add_goblin_citizen”, when typed at the console will spawn a new goblin citizen even if playing in a hearthling town
Added upgraded outfit for goblin workers
Added shaman level 1 and 2 perks

Candledark compatibility, infected goblins have a proper model, babies and spirit walker do not get infected
Weapons and armors recipe balance (require more ingredients now)
Poyos summoned by the beast tamer now have custom name and description, and removed harvest command from them
Added custom name and description for summoned dragon
Trapper icon for goblins reverted back, it is now the same as hearthling trappers
Warrior Hearth now summons challengers other than spirits (goblins, hearthlings, with different classes)
Spirit Walker icons are now blue
Removed the single spirit summon from level 2 Spirit Walker (replaced with spirit ball attack), still have multiple spirit summons at level 3
Clay Bed model updated
Wood chair and table updated
Updated templates with new roof colors and small changes
Workers can hunt critters in the map (not on old saves)
Goblins can now have base vanilla, ace, and other mods traits (with a few exceptions to avoid bugs or lore breaking)
Varanus nest models and collisions are bigger now, 3x3 instead of 1x1 block
Egg Pedestal now have a button to cancel the calling to lay an egg
More varanus spawnings in the swamp, including at end game level (which had none)
Entlings have swamp models now, based on plants from the biome
Duckducks and ostriches rebalanced as common critters, having way less hp now and drawing less aggro from hunters
Mushrooms (now called Swamp Mushrooms) are now recognized as fungi in ace mod and are equivalent to their mushrooms

Fixed varanus spawned from nests not having names and descriptions
Fixed ace adding a second headband for goblin geomancers
Season are properly displayed now for ace season icon (under the forecast)
Fixed dragons sounding like cats
Blocked weather stones to not change weather during titan storms
Goblins raised in other kingdoms now correctly gets firefly based names, traits, equips, etc. instead of using hearthling versions
Goblin templates will not leak and appear for other kingdoms template lists
Fixed eyepatch clipping over shaman outfit
Repaired rabbit statue model, it was missing a quarter of its voxels somehow