Surface blocks at water level appear submerged or dry depending on zoom level

Summary: The surface of a bridge that I built at water level appears to not be covered with water when I’m zoomed in close to it, but when I back up the zoom level, it appears submerged.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. build a structure like a flat bridge at the same block height as the top of a water source
  2. zoom in close to see that water doesn’t appear to cover the surface of the bridge
  3. zoom out farther away until water appears to cover the surface of the bridge

Expected Results: The surface blocks should either appear covered in water or not no matter which level of zoom you’re at

Actual Results: The block surface appears dry or covered in water at different zoom levels


Attachments: Uncovered surface at closest possible zoom level:

submerged surface at farther away zoom level:

Version Number and Mods in use:

Edit: Something else to mention. The bridge was built after I let the water into the channels. The other bridges in the 2nd screenshot were built before the water entered the channels. So this appears to only happen if the surface blocks are built in the water after it’s already there but doesn’t happen if the surface blocks are built before water enters the area.

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Cool, strange rendering issue. Paging @not_owen_wilson!