Suggestions by Xergoos

  1. one of the specializations could be quest giver which will give daily quest for example go to cave slay hmmm monster or help such and such village to defend from attack :slight_smile: , build such or such structure, or transport goods to AI village, or more complicated with nice scenario.

  2. Formations for Warriors.

  3. Gates(same like doors but gates)

  4. ships!!! build ship with required steer, sail and so on, but give the chance to build it by ourselfs(design)

  5. window with bars, gate with bars.

  6. Fishing!

  7. Add person to claim building(with bed and so on)

  8. Siege machines!

  9. Weather!

Weather,gates and and assigning people to buildings will come.
We had ability to assign buildings but it was bugged and is now under repair.
They plan to add weather and gates.(you can mod most of that other stuff like gates or quests)

I’ve heard the developers talk about all the other things, but yeah, it would be really nice to be able to build ships (If it should be manually, please wait for beta/post-release xD )