Suggestion to make sleep more indepth


Had a suggestion based on an old live stream I just watched. Radiant was talking about having multiple sleep animations/positions so that everyone does not sleep in the same way.

My suggestion would be to add a random number generator to the sleep engine so that throughout the sleep time, the settlers have a chance to change positions while in bed or on the ground. every time the generator fires you could stay in the same position or change to another sleep animation. As IRL, the more you toss and turn the less efficient the sleep is. Changing sleep animations could nerf the settler’s speed (kind of like has been mentioned for sleeping on the ground) for example by 1%.

To make better beds actually better beds (IE comfy bed compared to mean bed), better beds would run the generator less often reducing the chance of having a bad nights sleep. Sleeping in a worse bed would run the generator more and sleeping on the ground would run the generator the most. If you wanted you could make the type of ground they sleep on run the generator more or less often. Grass would run it less often than sleeping on rock.

What is everyone’s thought on this.


i dont recall this comment, but i absolutely support the idea… :smile:

adds just that much more realism/character to the units, if they have different sleeping “patterns” (positions just doesnt sound family friendly :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

there’s a logged bug about units sleeping sideways across their beds, so perhaps when that is looked into, alternate patterns can be worked on as well…

Yes… patterns is a much better word.

As far as the comment, it was part of a live stream where they were animating sleep and showing the new clock. (early Oct)

I’d like to have snoring and dreams added, like in Sims. I mean, since we have a journal, we could just as well display “memories” during the nap. If the personality system gets more depth (and actions get a good/bad rating, or something similar), those dreams could also affect how the sleeper behaves.

Yes, I want workers to run screaming through the village because they remembered they had to chop a tree three years ago.

(In related news, I don’t really know how one overwrites AI actions. yet.)


Excellent idea! After all, the game is partially RPG as well so dreams and good implementation of personality within them will make it awesome and fitting.

Once they add this (we shall force them if needed), I demand you create a mod where all the villagers will dream about is me and my face.

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I’m not a big fan of horror games.


Those dreams could also be visions - great idea for the start of a quest etc.


It’s not a game…

loving the confidence… maybe a wee bit over the top, but you’ve earned it…


I’ve done bigger crimes in GMod than that. And I didn’t have half the libraries there!

This is great… just got me thinking about nightmares! Perhaps after someone did something particularly disturbing (Say, killed a bunch of people) he/she would have nightmares. Would also have some funny animations and a x percent chance of having the awakening groggily from the unforgiving earth.


Why did I just think “Hey, perhaps they could dream about a picture of @Geoffers747 and then wake up groggy because of that”…


My guy said the effects wear off after 10-12 hours, shake it off.


You randomly fall asleep while reading my posts?

(Muahaha! My patented Internet Novocain worketh! MUAHAHAHAHA! I’LL BE ROLLIN’ IN THE MOOLAH! ROLLIN’ I TELL YA!)

rp_geoffers_nightmares is a go.