[Suggestion] Character Reset Button

Suggestion: Add a character reset button. (For alpha testing)

Not sure about anyone else, but my little characters get stuck quite often. Then having to reload a save, and hope they don’t get stuck once again.
Therefore, adding a character reset button for alpha, & maybe beta testing would be a great benefit.

It would take all the characters processes, reset them, & reset their location, putting them back to the spawn by the fire. This would allow them now to get unstuck when building walls, glitched walking, or have bugged priorities (When they’re idling, but there’s tasks needed to be completed)

Not sure how difficult this would be, but to see this feature in the alpha stages, would be awesome. I’m sure others may
agree! :slight_smile: Thank you!


Maybe at least having a console code to reset characters.

Didn’t think of that one, that would work as well!