Sugestion for item and use of it

After my last died in the games… i feel to start a new game with a best defend. So i start a new game and buid a hole all around of my city.
I tried to do defend with fence but i need too many for doing this… The best : the hole.

First sugestion : Later in the game it is possible to create a river to fill the hole ? Some Mod exist for create a bridge ? or i need to do this with the cube ? I need a cool bridge with a door on it. :slightly_smiling:

Another suggestion : It is possible near after new game to create a template with all items even if the item dont exist in the game. (no need to wait the craft).
Could you add the automatiq desired new placed item to be addded in the requiered list of the crafter ?
For me to selec the workbench, selec the item, set the number, launch craft… wait … place the item… it is so boring… With this i cand directly create a template with all stuff i want. no need to have existing item…

For the last Part search for smartcrafter its a Mod who add automatically all needed items to build something to your craftlist

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You can connect your hole to a lake, the water from the lake will flow into it.

You can build it manually like any other building, but it is hard.

If I understood correctly you want to see all items in the game that you can put in a build even if you didn’t crafted it yet? That would be nice, although there is so many that the interface would get really full.