Stuck Villagers

After making a dining hall full with tables and chairs, carpenter got stuck after installing a new window until I removed a chair.

Welcome to the forum, @PDanny :slightly_smiling:

Which Stonehearth version are you playing?

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Steam version -491 (x64)

It seems there’s still the bug :confused:

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Hmm, this was supposed to be fixed in release 491…paging @brad, it seems to be back (…or maybe it never left…).

Do you have a screenshot of where he got stuck?

I don’t unfortunately, but he was stuck in front of the chair on the far left side (when looking at the front of the building) after placing a window. May very well have happened previous to installing the -491 build. I’ll keep an eye out, thanks!

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If the bug occurs again, please report it before the Alpha comes out :smile: