Streaming on Steam 1.15.2016 A-14!

Streaming right now on steam, come on by! It’ll be under Gaverest.

Doh! i missed it :disappointed:

Still playing

Is it not working right? I have it on public broadcast

hmm… weird, lemme try again.

maybe i’m going to the wrong channel or something, could you give me a direct link @Averest?

I know I’ve invited friends before. No idea how to direct link it since the broadcast doesn’t start until someone starts watching. I’m still not certain how it works.

pm me your steam and I’ll throw an invite?

Thanks for dropping by everyone! Sorry I’m not especially chatty.

Thanks for letting us watch you @Averest . Did you finish your church? I did not get to see the finished product as I had to leave before it was all done.

Post some pics for those of us that missed ur stream :smiley:

Here’s a few screenshots of my village. Keep in mind this is all during goblin and undead attacks too. I think next time I’ll pick a more defensible position to build a Frostfeast Village if I leave attacks on.

CandyCane Bridge

Of course the new neighbors set up right next to the bridge. We had to hurry them along. Thanks for visiting!

And here’s the church as it stands now.

I saved the church as a template as well since it actually built (yay!)


Think I’ll stream some A-14 and kick the tires this morning!


Oh my… Stephanie!! what is this??!