Strange Debuff on Footman

I noticed my (leather-armoured) Footman was walking around a bit slowly, so I thought I’d check up on him (he has a bed + food after all)…

interesting… curious to see if this is by design, and just not completely articulated to the player (what’s happening to the unit)… you’ve seen him eat/sleep though? :confused:

Probably weight related?

It looks like the patrol debuff has lost its name. It sets his movement speed to slower and enables combat posture.


wow @Froggy… sometimes your knowledge of the innerworkings of the game frightens me… :smile:


If you take things apart and break them often enough… well you end up with a lot of broken stuff…

What was I saying?..


I have a lot of broken stuff but I swear to Cid that I didn’t break them!

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Should that be a “debuff” that shows up on the list though? I mean the sole purpose of that debuff is to make them walk more slowly while they’re patrolling and doesn’t actually affect gameplay. I don’t think they should have it show up as a debuff at all, know what I mean? They should just show the number value as it affects gameplay.

@Froggy and @daisyj201 nailed it. It’s not a “real” debuff and only serves the purpose of setting the patrol walk, so we were trying to keep it off the UI. Apparently, we were only partly successful.


lol you’ll get it :smiley: