Storyboard and voice actor/actress

Have storyboard and voice actor/actresses in the game!

hmm… having voice actors could cause a lot of problems with localization…


Well I think ppl will love more of this feature if it has voice in it tho, just suggesting~

Voice acting makes some good games great ones!
Still remember the “work work” comment if i clicked on some peon in WC II. Or the ever changing answers from the units if clicked multiple times… getting more and more annoyed.

Has anyone else tried to make the gnome in “The Book on unwritten Tales” look at the chair in his house:
“It’s a chair.”
“It’s still a chair.”
“That’s a sheep in a nice pictu … err… never mind that’s the same chair as before.”
"You know what? I remove that clickable button so you don’t keep pestering me about some irrelevant piece of furniture, alright?"

I would love to see… pardon… hear the hearthlings tell me stories about … well
the strange turnip-dream they had last night…
or the cute lil rabbit that ate the berries in the stockpile yesterday which they wanted for lunch today.
Like the event music for combat pops in when fighting starts those voice chats could be played when the hearthlings gather at the campfire.
Or if hearthlings wake up and stretch they could occasionally yawn or remark: “Back to work… again” <- those remarks could reflect how the hearthling feels about the town he/she lives in. For a brighter town with lots of decorations pathways and benches around: “Another bright and beautiful morning. Let’s get going!”

Suggestion @TeamRadiant:
Make a suggestion event on the website what short voice acting the community would like to hear in game and add the best to the game.


MmmmmmHhhmmmm I have to disagree.
You are refering to a click and point adventure (or not?) and to an RTS.

Stonehearth is an other kind of game type, for me it is more like Settlers or Cultures.
And when you look up the real Settler games (1-3) you will notice that there is no voice acting (not the cutscenes).
Those three games are even today great and you won’t miss voices at all while playing those.

In my opinion voice action like in Valhalla Hills, look it up on youtube (little game rabbit my channel, lol advertising), where there is no real speach, only … how should I call it in english … if you hear it you know what I mean … , would fit more if I have to choose.
But even without voice acting I am not missing anything.

Good suggestion for a Suggestion :smiley:

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grin the suggestion at the end was more like “Get the community involved to tell you what they’d like to hear than just add something nobody cares about”.

I know that adding comments like the units in RTS give you won’t work with stonehearth… but some little voice acting for added immersion like the added flavor text in the crafting windows would be nice to have.
And I would prefer real text than the undefined mumbling/blathering like the Sims give off or the villagers in minecraft.
Games today don’t need voice action but some great games have it and it brings depth and advises.
Narrators like the announcer in Anno1602 break the immersion and get annoying after a while “You lack spices”, “Swaths proceed through the streets. A fire smoldering.”, “You’ve found a new island!”, "The new island holds gold."
Instead I found it extremely helpful that you could click on the citizens in Der Patrizier to get to know what they long for and what you should keep an eye on. “Ther’s a shortage of grain.” or “The walls are covered poorly.” or “We haven’t had a party in a long time.” and the like…

Furthermore the voice acting should only play if the camera is near the surface (in hearing range for the spoken comments). If sufficiently away / zoomed out you shouldn’t hear the hearthlings rambling on…

btw: i played all the settler games and still like them today. gotta boot up my 386 again next weekend. Playing settlers 1 in style! :wink: