Storing Before Hand

Since the recent addition of backpacks I was thinking, why not hearthlings store food in them for later? If you send them off far enough it would seem reasonable for them to pack some food…


agreed! this was discussed ages ago… back when @Geoffers747 still had a little spring in his step…

but it was also before backpacks had even been on the horizon… with their introduction, this makes perfect sense… :+1:


From a productivist point of view I say yes because if they are far from food they won’t have to do a long trip, so all good for production/construction.
Now from a social point of view, I say no because then all of them will eat in their corner, no more reunion around a fire or around a table.
So friendship and share or cold productivism? I don’t know… :grin:


I’m just mad that my carpenter is carrying three random things in his backpack and has to haul logs by hand one by one. It’s a waste in every possible way.


How about you establish this behaviour to happen for a task further away than 200 voxels from … let’s say from a workshop? ( Kitchen / Stove = Cook )

And you can only carry cooked food for this purpose. ( Need for a cook! )

Aye, those were the glory days: Personal Stockpiles


What if they had the food in their backpack, being all prepared and that, but then trekked all the way back to a random chair in someones house just so they could sit and eat haha… at least they’d be being sociable. :joy: