StoneVox 3D - Community Voxel Modeler for StoneHearth


OpenGL capabilities report: Radeon HD 6450 I’m probably reading it wrong, but if thats the case, that blows.


4.3 :smiley:

Is this causing the problem.



Possibly glBindVertexBuffers is causing the trouble, though I am not convinced yet. :wink:

Let me throw something together quickly…


Lets just see if we can get the UI working then we’ll go from there :wink:

Run this, it’s StoneVox just watered down an bit…

Do you still get the gray screen?


@honestabelink Indeed I do. I hope I/you can get it to work though. I need an exporter to OBJ.


I could do the conversion for you if that’s all you need, just PM the .qb’s, or post a link here… really I can’t say what is going on here, again my knowledge on OpenGL is limited.

I’ll look into this more tomorrow then, as the watered down version should have worked just fine.

Does that fit your needs?


Indeed it does, I will have to rip the model from the stonehearth A8 files. But its late and I will post tomorrow if that would be alright. Unless you know where to find the qb files for the character. I want to do some animating and some testing for voxel rigs.


Yes, that is fine. Give me a minute to get the files together. Note there are some issues with .obj exporter right now. You’ll have to do some fiddling to get it animating properly. So far I’ve identified that the obj needs to be mirror over the y-axis in Blender or Max in order to get the animation to play back properly. There also might be some other problems too. But it does work @Hyrule_Symbol’s harpy was made and animated with StoneVox and Blender. It just took some fiddling…

I will be working on fixing these issues over the next few days also… so… much… work :slight_smile:

But I am glad still. Let me get the files together…


Here you go…

objs of both male and female hearthlings. I included the worker outfits too :wink:

I didn’t mirror the models, just so you know…

Again a bit fiddly now… but it is doable. If you need some help getting it all working just PM me as there will likely be quite a bit of back and forth… and I’d prefer not to have all of that here in this topic, :wink:


Hello so my Laptop has Intel HD Graphices 4000 so not a real card. Would that have some thing to do with why I can not run it?


It probably doesn’t have the correct openGL version.
Laptop HD graphics is usually built onto the motherboard.


do you know how this can be fixed?


You can’t Ya know unless you buy a whole new computer with a GPU that supports OpenGL 4.2/4.3


I have been wanting to buy a new Laptop but we will see. How is this one?


May I ask why a laptop? Do you travel / move around a lot or is it more for the convenience?


I like them but I plan on getting a desktop in a year or two.


I’d go for it, Seems like a good laptop. I highly doubt you would be able to play AAA games on ultra graphics. but thats the price you pay when buying a laptop for gaming.


okay thank :smile: have a good day!


Small Patch to v0.0.6

Like I said very small patch… :wink:

  • Corrected .qb importing/exporting

In my attempts to fix the .obj’s exporter placing the model facing the wrong way, I messed with the .qb importer and exporter. I never put it back to how it was suppose to be… :unamused:

Basically the bug was it reversed the positions of left and right faces of voxels. Causing various bad effects…

If you’ve very recently downloaded StoneVox, please redownload v0.0.6.

Yes that would be why…

I am not much of a hardware guy… but…

If your use will include modern gaming, I would say look else where. The GT820M with 2GB DDR3 VRAM is kidda lame.

Take that though with a hint of salt though, again I am not much of a hardware guy.

A smart man asked me once, “Whats a persons problem when they go to do something”?.
He then answered “They never do their homework”.

Take your time with your purchase. Do research, and get others opinions. There are tons of hardware sites. All with people who really know what they are talking about.

I see tomshardware poping up a lot, though I can’t speak to how good of site it is…

I would suggest asking there/other places and see what people think :wink:

Good luck with your purchase :slight_smile:


Thank you! I will take my time. So I take it StoneVox will never work for me?