StoneVox 3D - Community Voxel Modeler for StoneHearth


Ok, excuse me, but whats up with your “lets not provide any Linux natives or any form of script for loading on Linux”? I’m a little annoyed, as it seems you have no idea of ever expanding into Linux which would be as simple as to provide a script identical to the Windows one only pointing to the Linux native.

I’m messing around with different libraries to try and get it running.


No need to get frustrated. Last I new they are programing this as a personal project (so far as freeware) any programmer will work with what they are comfortable with.

I don’t know try asking them if they need a hand with the conversion (they did ask for help in the beginning). He/She asks just about every update for what everyone wants to see in it also.


The reason I’m frusrrated is because you have to change one bloody line of code. And he knows how.


I can’t run it due to non-supported don’t-know-what (I guess it has to do with graphics). Luckily I have Qubicle Constructor…


Ohh I’m with ya and if I could fix it myself I would. I am with some of the few who can’t even run it… yet. :slight_smile: like I said it’s freeware and you take it for what it is. I am sure eventually they will streamline it or somebody else will improve on it. Good Luck getting it to work for what you need it to. :slight_smile:


I’m gonna give this a try soon :slight_smile: Thank you for doing all this great hardwork! Hopefully when it’s more complete this will be downloadable with the game itself! :slight_smile:


if it really is that easy i feel like he would help you, but he hasnt been around for a week


just so I’m clear… you’re frustrated that someone who has spent his own (significant amount of) spare time to develop a free community tool, hasn’t addressed your specific request (for more of his free time)… yes?

as the old adage goes, you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar… :wink:


Hi Everyone,

Sorry I’ve been away with some family health troubles and haven’t had time to check in. Everything is much better now, so no worries.

I would have to look into .qbcl, and that is also a very specific file format to Qubicle. It also doesn’t seem to be disclosed on the Minddesk sites as .qb has been. So I probably would say don’t count on support for it, sorry. If Tim disclosed source though let me know, we’ll get it right in then :slight_smile:

@BloodW0lf @Relyss @Soul
Sorry you are having trouble. Do you only get a black screen, or do you see the normal ui and stuff just not any voxels? If you don’t mind me asking, what graphics card are you running?

One really common bug that can cause black screens is interrupting StoneVox’s startup. This means things like moving the window around, clicking the window, maximizing, ect. When you start StoneVox just give it a few seconds to get going. Just start it and take you hands off the mouse :slight_smile: .

@stian You seem to be horribly mistaken. To clear things up, I have never said I am supporting Linux as of now. If you want to run StoneVox on Linux feel free to give it a go but don’t count on it running. You will likely need to change some of StoneVox’s codebase to get by. All the source is available on Github. And you can grab the Linux natives from LWJGL - Lightweight Java Game Library. Also check out gradle, if you are unfamilar Gradle | Installation, but it’s not a requirement.

Actually this is very untrue.

My guess is that the IO functions I am using won’t carry over to Linux very well, this is just something I’ve read. Also path separators will need to be adjusted. My DnD handlers probably won’t work either. And there very well could be other things that would need to be rewritten, such as how the .qb importer/exporter works, text rendering, .png decoding, ect. But start with the first changes I pointed out if you are really motivated. You can expect support for the other platforms either when the project is in a good enough position, or when StoneHearth goes cross platform.

Could I bring cross platform now, yes I could. How much work would it be? I can’t say, either not too much or a lot. I would be happy though, if you are experienced enough and have the time, to see a Linux version running around.

See what you need to realize is how much time things take and the current state of the project. Should I really focus on cross platform if Windows users, the only platform StoneHearth is on, are having trouble even running it. I don’t think so.

@Soul Thank you. Freeware is freeware. It’s a labor of love compared to a salary/day job. Community efforts though can be amazing, they just take some time to get to that position. That is where this project is at right now. I am not going away and plan to just keep improving the software. I hope one day StoneVox will be a great modding tool for StoneHearth :slight_smile: .

WOW thank you :slight_smile: . If anything I thought I’d see a bundle with Qubicle on Steam, but StoneVox… :slight_smile: . Thank you. I am working hard to improve the project, but the process is slow at times. I hope to get a lot of these issues sorted on the new version of StoneVox I am working on.

Thanks :slight_smile: .

Last but not least :slight_smile:

@SteveAdamo Thank you for defending me while I’ve been away. Great advice too. :slight_smile: You are correct I have spent a great amount of time on this project, thank you for stating that, but I am just glad that I’ve had the chance too. :slight_smile:
Despite the issues, I am very happy with StoneVox so far, I plan to continue to work on it and be a part of the community here :slight_smile: .

Thanks again @SteveAdamo, and thank you everyone else too. I am glad to be back :wink:


Just think about it; being frustrated over something like the Linux kernel. Completely free and open-source. I wouldn’t have heard anyone go “Hang on mate, this guy has used his SPARE TIME on creating this, and you get frustrated? Shame on you!”. But anyway,

@honestabelink, I did in no way mean you aren’t doing a good job. I love this! But I do not understand why its basically a lost cause for Mac and Linux support.


I would normally have some lengthy comment here … but I don’t want to continue (or encourage) the derailment…

suffice to say @honestabelink is back (wb btw! :smile: ), and this is his project to run as he sees fit…

and who knows? perhaps you could lead the effort in porting to Linux? :wink:


Yes, I would love that :slight_smile:


Well wouldn’t it be awesome that if you worked on this little programm, and it’s so optimized it could be integrated or something? Like on the main menu of Stonehearth it says: “StoneVox” :smiley:


Have you ever thought of adding an AO option to the editor? Just for preview purposes? I also get a blank screen when I open it?


AO…? as in ambient occlusion.

StoneVox has something very simple to darken corners and such. Though again I am assuming you are referring to an actual lighting system with shadows and realistic fall off and such.

To that I would say, yes I’ve though about it. But it’s more of a nice visual effect that isn’t necessary. Unless perhaps for rendering the scene to an image file to use as a thumbnail or such. It’s something that could be added, but later on. Good idea still though :wink:

Seems a lot of people are getting a black screen. This usually comes down to what @Relyss pointed out, support on your graphics card. I am using OpenGL to carry out the rendering, because my lack in experience with it your graphics card needs to support version 4.2. Current version out there is I believe 4.3 so I am requiring a relatively new card.

This is something I am addressing with the new release of StoneVox I am working on. I plan to really lower the requirement as I am not doing any sort of amazing nex gen things… :wink:

I am currently working on the new version right now actually and it’s coming along nicely. I hope to have it here sometime over the next few days… if I don’t run into trouble or get held up.

Thanks though for checking out the project :slight_smile:


Mine isn’t a black screen
Mines a light greyish kind of colour, Not white though. Oh and my GPU supports OGL 4.2. I may need to update my driver, its been a while.


I don’t mind looking into things if you’d like me to. Here are a few questions :wink:

  1. Do you seen the normal UI and such, or is it just a gray screen?
  2. If it’s ok, could I ask what card you are running?

You could try the driver update, definitively worth a shot.


Just a grey screen
AMD HD6450


I just wanted to pop in here and say that this is a great project! Keep up the good work, @honestabelink!


My sources say the card supports 4.1.

This would explain why it gray screens… I am sorry if this is indeed the case.

Could I get a link to your source saying it’s 4.2?

Again I am sorry if you are unable to use the program, as I said before the new version will be coming in a couple of days. This will address this issue, and you should be able to run it then. :wink: