StonehearthTeamCrafterView.job_uri gets used in two different ways

Summary: App.stonehearthClient.openCrafterMenu(…) uses StonehearthTeamCrafterView.job_uri to compare the targetCrafter alias (e.g., “stonehearth:jobs:carpenter”) to the current workshop view’s job_uri property to see if an already-open workshop should be closed when a crafter’s unit frame workshop command button is clicked.

However, StonehearthTeamCrafterView uses job_uri as a “previous uri” variable to compare to ‘uri’ when ‘uri’ ostensibly changes, overwriting it with the value in ‘uri’ (e.g., “object://game/12345”) when the comparison is made. This makes it so the workshop will never close from clicking a crafter’s workshop command button on the unit frame.

Simplest solution: In App.stonehearthClient, change the first line of openCrafterMenu from this:

if (closeIfOpen && App.stonehearth.showTeamWorkshopView && App.stonehearth.showTeamWorkshopView.job_uri == targetCrafter) {

to this:

if (closeIfOpen && App.stonehearth.showTeamWorkshopView && App.stonehearth.showTeamWorkshopView.get('model.alias') == targetCrafter) {

Version Number and Mods in use: latest

Bumping this because I’d like to remove the App.stonehearth function override from my Insert Craft Order mod. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! Fixed in the next release.

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