Stonehearth Video On Youtube

Yoyoyo everybody, I just posted a video on youtube come check it out!


woohoo! and there was much clicking on the interwebz… :smile:

thanks @Generikb! we’ll definitely add this to the running list of submissions! :+1:

I already watched this, I’m subscribed n.n

There are A LOT of Stonehearth videos coming out these days…

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Oh woah, you actually are GenerikB :open_mouth: awesome!

Rather amusing bug/glitch at 7:03 when she leaves her head behind :smile:

It’s amazing to see so many videos on Stonehearth so far!

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I’ve just noticed that if your army gets smashed you could just maintain swords and bucklers and they’ll be there when you gather your weapons for a siege

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Get reporting, you!

I didn’t even notice the maintain feature, let alone think of that… :tongue:


Hey, hey, it could have just been brief lag? A glitch? I don’t know! If I see it mentioned elsewhere though, I’ll open something up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Besides, I’m trying to put off joining Curse until I can figure out how to get my username. It says its taken but I can’t access it. :disappointed:

Shame… :disappointed: Team Radiant really needs to get an official bug-tracker up on their site, and not use Curse… :wink:

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Oops, sorry guys I get it set to my upload playlist so the video changed when I uploaded a video but its now don’t you worry :)!

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Weirdly, sdee was also taken. :wink: You can sign up with any username, though, and then have a nickname applied to you just for the Stonehearth section of the forums.

yeah, just hit me or @Geoffers747 up and we should be able to tweak the “nickname” for that particular forum… should being the operative word… :smile:


Ah, so you were the real GenerikB. Cool to have a major Youtuber on the Discource! :smile:

You actually are @Generikb.

An awesome famous Youtuber on our small corner of the internet . . .

This is great.

Oh, and your video is as awesome as always.

edit: I would make a video since I could just get some recording software and I have Adobe Premier, but I am scared to actually say my voice throughout the internet.

indeed! we also have @paulsoaresjr! :smile:

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How many discriminating photos do you have?!

Sorry guys, gonna have to manage those expectations and disappoint you all yet again.

@Generikb is NOT Generikb who kindly responded to my question.


Of course… I had my suspicions on if it was the Generikb… :wink:

Aww, that’s a shame. Stupid pretenders! :frowning:

well, his timing was flawless… he posted Generikb’s video here, just as it became available…

his forum name has been adjusted accordingly… :wink: