StoneHearth: Real 'Review?!' By Knights of Friendship

We have just released our first episode of our ‘Real Review’ series. StoneHearth is the game we chose because it is simply awesome. You should really check it out!

NOTE: This is not ment to be a real review.
Please beware: swearing is included in this video.

Thank you Radiant for bringing us this awesome game. We will continue follow and love your work.

Have fun watching,

Knights of Friendship


OK, my honest real review of your review.
I watched about 10 seconds of your review and I was done. You are cheapening your review by doing a lame echoing sound of a swear. The rule of thumb (for me at least) is that if a person cannot even do a 2 minute video without swearing then they generally have nothing intelligent to say.

Just my 2 cents.

Even someone like AngryJoe will bring several arguments why a game is good/bad in his opinion. This video here is: Look, a tree! Look, an enemy! Wow so awesome! *flashy words and camera jumps*

To be honest if I had seen this video before I knew Stonehearth, I would have turned it off within seconds and switched to an actual review/gameplay video.

We totally understand your opinion, it was not ment to be an actual review. sorry this is not your kind of video… We hope we didn’t waste too many of your time.

Oh I see. When I heard your voice in the beginning I was like “Hey, that’s not as bad as this other guy writes.”, but then it actually started. :sweat_smile:
But if it is not supposed to be a real review …

We understand where you are coming from. The title ‘Real review’ was ment as a joke because the video is for amusing purpose and not an actual review. Where as you are probably expecting a review with opinions and arguments. When you search for a ‘review’. I Changed the description a little bit so people will know it is not an actual review! :slight_smile:

It’s OK! I am really bored at work at the moment. Thabks for killing 2 minutes at least!

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Hey, cut 'em some slack. It’s a fun little silly video with no harm. Made me chuckle in my sleep deprivation too xD


Omg, I just love this video LOLS

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