Stonehearth rap (video!)

Leave feedback! (negative or positive)

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its good!!! and i do not much like rap lol

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hahahahahahahaaha… loved it!

+10 internet points to you my good man! :smile: :+1:

Thanks guys!
Im going to share the crap out of it :stuck_out_tongue:

the only “negative” feedback I have, is that my lyrics sounded fairly weak in comparison to the rest… :blush:

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ya, sorry :confused: i recorded them diffrent days, and didnt even think about it

Paging @Swift_Cube! :smile:

+10 points for @Rayocku

I don’t think I have internet point powers but I’d give him an extra 5. Just saying. :wink:

I should clarify… your performance was just fine… it was my actual lyrics that stunk… :wink:

Lol what did i even… It was amazing. Simply amazing.

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heheh, nice! :smile:

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Loved it! Just loved it!

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Thanks everyone :smile:
If i continue to gain subs off videos like this, ill keep doing them :smile:

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I like it XD

Its quite awesome…